Harvard Lands Fourth in Economist’s First College Rankings

Peter F. Lake ’81, a professor at Stetson University College of Law who specializes in higher education law, said he was unsure how this new system would hold “in a crowded field of metrics.”

Draft College Rating System Emphasizes Accessibility, Post-College Success

The system would judge colleges and universities on a number of expected criteria, such as graduation rates, average net price, student loan debt, post-college earnings, and the percentage of students who receive Pell grants.

A Scorecard For Ranking Harvard's Most Impressive Students

Business Insider has released a list of 19 Incredibly Impressive Students At Harvard. These students are killing it at life. (We’re sure, reader, that you would have been on the list, too, if they’d just been able to find your e-mail more easily.)

Harvard Top in the Ranking of Rankings

Looks like Harvard is ringing in the new year with good news! In a recent ranking of university rankings we reigned supreme, with lowly Stanford and second-rate MIT coming in second and third respectively. These results were created from an aggregate of four annual major university rankings by a website about university social and academic life.

Flyby Ranks the Rankings

We’re at a place that’s famously obsessed with rankings - especially ones that put the big H on top. Recently, the Atlantic did a comprehensive ranking of the college rankings that included a whole two rankings(!). Flyby wanted to embrace this idea and do an actual ranking of rankings.

Harvard #1 in... Online Awkwardness?

We all know—some of us a little too proudly—that Harvard ranks among the best colleges for just about everything, minus HUDS tater tots. Recently, Harvard was on top as #1 yet again - this time, in an online ranking of the top 100 social media colleges. This comes at little surprise, given that Harvard is the birthplace of Facebook and awkward social norms. But what exactly do these rankings mean?

Harvard Comes in First on Most Important Ranking Yet

While we may have come in second on U.S. News & World Report's latest list, at least we’re winning where it counts. That’s right, boys and girls, the Betches from Betches Love This have given our humble university the number one spot on their list of Ivy League betchiness. This is quite possibly our biggest accomplishment to date! (I would go so far as to argue that this is even more impressive than the $2.8 billion we have already raised for the Harvard Campaign.) You may be asking yourself, just how exactly did we achieve such a feat?

Harvard Cracks List of Most Squirrel-Obsessed Colleges

Perhaps the recent uproar caused by the baby squirrel that was claiming backpacks in Kirkland Courtyard made its mark, because Harvard’s been deemed one of the most squirrel-obsessed colleges by the Huffington Post.

Harvard On Top in Ranking of Sexiest College Clubs

Harvard may have come in a dismal second place in the 2014 U.S. News and World Report’s ranking of the nation's top colleges, but our esteemed University came out on top in another recent list—but instead of for our glowing academics, this honor comes for having the sexiest college club in America.

Second Place? Really?

For the first time in popular memory, Harvard University has fallen to Number Two on the U.S. News & World Report's annual list of the nation's top colleges. Sadly, this year Harvard was unable to earn its traditional perfect score of 100, dropping instead to a lowly 99, while the Princeton Tigers edged out the competition and received a perfect score.

Using Surely Faulty Methodology, Forbes Ranks Harvard Eighth Best in Nation

Forbes continued its annual tradition of kicking Harvard in the shins this week when it released its "America’s Top Colleges" list, ranking our esteemed university in a lowly eighth place. That’s behind Stanford, two liberal arts colleges, three other Ivies, and the United States Military Academy. The shock and horror.

The Boston Globe Would Like You To Know That Cambridge Is a Hipster Haven

A red flag went up as soon as we saw the paradoxical combination of “hipster” and “top 10” in one heading. Rather than embracing such a ranking, hipsters would eschew it as part of the mainstream, anti-intellectual dribble they so try to avoid. And isn’t the point of being a hipster not to self-identify as one?

Harvard: No Longer the Stuff of Dreams?

For most students, gaining admission to Harvard is a dream come true. Or, is it? In a recent survey published by the Princeton Review, Harvard took second place to Stanford for top "dream" school among college applicants and their parents. For all those who bleed Crimson, this may come as a tough blow. We at Flyby took to investigating this ranking to determine what makes Stanford such great material for so many prospective college students' dreams.

Kirkland House

Kirkland residents act like Yale students during Harvard-Yale weekend: they just can't stop telling you how great their House is and how much better they are by association. Sure, we'd like them to tone it down a bit and maybe stop making out with each other, but unlike the Yalies, Kirkland students genuinely have a lot to brag about. From the great location to the homey vibe, Kirkland looks like it's straight out of a Harvard catalogue, causing us to wonder why Mark Zuckerberg decided to leave early.

Harvard's Impeccable Reputation

And here we go again, yet another set of rankings! Times Higher Education released its World Reputation Rankings, which its website explains "is based on nothing more than subjective judgement," albeit the judgement of "published, senior academics."

In Test of Student Bodies' Cognitive Abilities, Harvard Comes in Second to MIT

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology edged out Harvard in a study comparing cognitive skills released earlier this month. Unlike other college ranking systems, this study analyzed results from online games that use neuroscience to measure five aspects that contribute to intelligence: speed, attention, flexibility, memory, and problem solving.

MIT > Harvard? Flyby Investigates.

Last week’s earthquake marked the start of tectonic changes in the Cambridge area—U.S. News and World Report just released their 2012 "World's Best Universities" rankings and MIT has leapfrogged over both Cambridge and Harvard to claim glory in the form of a #1 ranking.

‘Tis the Season for College Rankings

It's the most wonderful time of the year for elite institutions of higher education: the release of college rankings. And Harvard has much to be jolly about as top accolades roll in once again.

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