With the Super Bowl around the corner, Flyby brings you some key facts about the game that you can use to impress your friends and family as you gather 'round to watch America's biggest game.

The other Harbaugh… As the announcers will repeat over and over, the two coaches for the Ravens and the 49ers—Jim and John Harbaugh—were raised in the same household. However, a third Harbaugh, Jim's son Jay, is working as an assistant for his uncle and coaching in the Super Bowl against his dad.

Lots of chips… When you dip into that guacamole bowl at the big game, lean over and mention that it is one of 8 million that are consumed on Super Bowl Sunday. What goes with that guacamole? Well, nearly 15,000 tons of chips, of course.

Advertisements… Watching a bad commercial? While your friends are groaning at the bad punch line, drop in that a 30-second commercial at the Super Bowl costs nearly $3 million dollars. So much for cheap comedy.

Touchdowns... These are worth six points.

Beyoncé's half-time show... The show will be great. All 72,000+ fans will be waving blue "finger flashlights," one on each hand. That's almost 150,000 blue lights. Get ready.