Welcome to "Listen Up!," Flyby's weekly advice column, written by two jobless, washed-up seniors from their futon in Winthrop.

We rounded up some of your most poignant questions from last week and responded with our unfailing wisdom.

Q: Help! I have a crush on my ex-TF. I thought my feelings would die after our class, but the fire of love is still burning strong. What should I do?

A: Apply to your TF's graduate program, obviously. Need a rec? Guess who can write it!

And the next time a TF catches your eye, don't wait so long to make a move. This is what by-appointment office hours are for.

Q. I've been interested in this guy for almost three years now, but we've never had a real conversation. I see him practically every day, and now we're running out of time because we are both seniors. Any advice on how to approach and befriend him?

A: We have a similar problem with a guy, in that we've been looking at pictures of Ryan Gosling practically every day for three years now and also have yet to have a real conversation with him.

We won't judge you for sounding creepy, mostly because that would be hypocritical (but FYI you are a little bit creepy). Honestly though, it's senior spring. If we hadn't made fun of Twitter acronyms in our post last week, we would probably say YOLO or something. Since actually approaching him out of the blue would most likely be terrifying for both you and him, find a mutual friend to introduce you to your target the guy. Make sure to floss before the big moment and—BAM!—your life will now change forever. Jk. But it will be something to look forward to other than reading the HUDS menu daily and praying for a miracle.

Q: How do I get a boyfriend? It's so hard to date at Harvard. —Lonelygirl