The men broke out their salmon shorts, the women donned sundresses, and some kind fellow in Holworthy pointed his speakers out towards the Yard and played some Bob Marley—summer is approaching.

Need an excuse to spend as much time outdoors as possible? Here are the 15 best things to do outside:

1. Play Frisbee

2. Play Spikeball

3. Sleep—shades and an open book are key.

4. FaceTime your parents (Hey Dad! Look, no layers!)

5. Watch people run

6. Watch people run to class

7. Run to class

8. Tan

9. Watch people tan

10.Watch people burn (Congratulations!)

11. Catch up on your reading by educating yourself about Harvard's branding woes. (It'll make your day.)

12. Get J.P. Licks

13. Watch J.P. Licks melt

14. Happily drink J.P. Licks soup

15. Take up as many chairs as you can. Start a fiefdom.