Sleep Schedules for a Zoom Semester

There are some undeniable benefits to online learning, however, for a perpetually sleep deprived college student, one has to wonder how beneficial Zoom classes are for one’s sleep schedule.

Harvard Hall Renovations to Last Through Fall Semester

Major interior and exterior renovations began June 4 on Harvard Hall — one of the oldest and most historic buildings in Harvard Yard — and will continue through the start of second semester, according to Faculty of Arts and Sciences spokesperson Rachael Dane.

Sleep 101 and Sleep Matters Initiative Promote Healthy Sleep Patterns

Programs like the Sleep 101 training module and the Sleep Matters Initiative are sparking conversations about issues of sleep and wellness at Harvard, and shedding light on why researchers believe sleep should be prioritized on college campuses.

Sleeping in Smith Center Draws Harvard Police Interventions

While the Smith Campus Center has given many a new place to seek refuge from the Cambridge winter, repeated instances of homeless individuals violating the building’s no sleeping policy has drawn Harvard police forces to help security guards address the incidents.

To Nap or Not to Nap?

So it's 2 in the afternoon and you're starting to feel kind of drowsy. Maybe it's all of those lectures you've been sitting through, or maybe you went just a little overboard last night at your entryway's kickback. Either way, there's only one question on your mind: to sleep or not to sleep?

Snooze Spots: Where to Sleep on Harvard's Clock

Let’s play word association: Nap! Acceptable answers are only “I want one” or “If only I had the time.” Squeezing those shut-eyed moments of pure bliss into your busy schedule can be difficult. Between all of the procrastinating on Facebook, dawdling at the Kong, and avoiding last night’s hook-up, there is often only a small window to hit the sack and take a nap. You rush out of class, bleary-eyed and bushy- tailed, but you live so far away! Where can you possibly go to responsibly catch some afternoon Zzz’s and wake up in a sweaty panic, wondering what the heck the time is and why it’s so dark out?

The Nap Map

No rest for the weary! While their petition for a nap space in Harvard Yard awaits approval from the administration, the Nap Space Project has launched a Nap Map with recommendations of current siesta sites for sleepy students around campus. Here are our five favorite picks from their Map.

15 Best Things to Do Outdoors

The men broke out their salmon shorts, the women donned sundresses, and some kind fellow in Holworthy pointed his speakers out towards the Yard and played some Bob Marley—summer is approaching. Need an excuse to spend as much time outdoors as possible? Here are the 15 best things to do outside:

Sleeping Tips for Optimal Exam Performance

Tired? Me too. If midterms season has you trapped in a cycle of stress and sleep deprivation, you are not alone. But this exhaustion could be hurting more than our happiness/wardrobe choices/social life. It turns out that our performance on the very tests, papers, and projects for which we keep ourselves awake will suffer as well. According to a study presented by neurology professor Clifford B. Saper at the Society of Neuroscience's annual meeting in New Orleans last week, losing sleep impairs our alertness and empathy, two cognitive abilities crucial to performing well on exams. Don't fret though, Dr. Saper has some sage advice on how to manipulate your sleep schedule to best serve your intellectual needs.

New iPhone App Developed at Harvard Lets Users Program Their Dreams

A user selects up to five words that he would like to incorporate into his dreams and enters information about his planned sleep schedule. During the night, the iPhone softly speaks the words during REM cycles.

Alexander J. P. Kunkel '12

Many of us may feel cramped in the tiny twin beds that reside within our dorm rooms, but not Alexander J. P. Kunkel '12. Kunkel has overcome this problem by combining two twin beds together to form a huge king-sized bed in the corner of his Pforzheimer House bedroom. "It's kind of a temple to laziness. I can control the lights and the fans without every leaving the bed," Kunkel said. His room is a testament to the beauty of senior singles. In response to the awe expressed over his dorm room, Kunkel simply said, "Quad life."

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