College Students in Boston Talk Smack About Harvard

BC: not as sexually frustrated or well endowed.
BC: not as sexually frustrated or well endowed.

The BDCwire released an article this week that asked college students in the Boston area how they felt about students from other Boston schools. Fun. What was the lowdown on Harvard, you ask?

Lisa from Boston College starts off  by calling Harvard “sexually frustrated and well-endowed.” 
Is that why BC kids show up at Harvard every weekend? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Chris from Emerson College adds, “Always swipe right on Tinder because starving artists might need some financial support.”
Thanks for being refreshingly honest, Chris. Maybe I’ll throw you a bone and buy one of your paintings off of Etsy someday.

Amanda from Northeastern remarks, “Their boys are compensating for something.”
You know what, Amanda? Maybe you’re the one compensating for something.

That’s all for now, folks. Tune in for next week when BDCwire releases their follow-up survey “How do Boston college students feel about how other Boston college students about Boston colleges?”

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