Help Me Name My Thesis

Yep, crowdsourcing did indeed start with this cow.
Yep, crowdsourcing did indeed start with this cow.

Jason C. Hirschhorn '15 needs your help. After completing his thesis as a Social Studies concentrator, his creative juices are running low and he still needs a title. He has two weeks.

His thesis is on computer science education (K-12) in America. He sees any title related to his subject, or even any title related to any of the words from his subject, as ideal. According to an email from Hirschhorn, “Feel free to be creative and punny - my Social Studies readers will appreciate it!”

How do you get in on this? All you have to do is comment below with your best idea, and up vote on the ones you like best. Hirschhorn will choose from the top three and credit that person in his thesis, as well as a possible signed copy of his title page and a letter of appreciation.

So there you have it: The challenge is yours for the taking. Hirschhorn is reaching out to you (flawless) Flyby followers to help him come up with one of the best, funniest, punniest titles for a Social Studies thesis about computer science education in primary and secondary education that Harvard has ever seen. Some competition is already in place. Hirschhorn’s younger sister and member of IGP, Nicole C. Hirschhorn '16, has come up with a few options, among them “Not Just for Nerds” and “Behind the Binary.” Another IGP member, Gwendolyn R. Thomas '17, suggested “The Code Less Traveled” and “Join Our Click." But don’t let the ideas of two IGP members prevent you from joining in on saving Hirschhorn from a dull thesis title.

The future of Hirschhorn’s thesis title lies in the palm of your hands. May the odds be ever in his favor.

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