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Housing Market 2019

Flyby Blog is proud to present 2019's Housing Market. Check out our breakdown of each of Harvard's 12 undergraduate Houses.

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Open Letter to First-Years: Blocking's Not That Deep

If you're stressed from all of the blocking drama that is sure to have arisen over the last few weeks, take a step back. Blocking can seem stressful, but in the long run, it really doesn't have to be that deep.

Eliot House Library
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What Your Midterms Study Spot Says About You

As you settle down to study for midterms, reflect on what your study spot choice says about you.

Two on the Bluffs
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Prospects Post Datamatch

If Datamatch didn't quite meet your romantic expectations, never fear — your chances at getting cuffed aren't quite over.

A Refrigerator full of Halo Top in CVS Harvard Square
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Top 5 Drunk Food Places in Harvard Square

We all know the food simply tastes better, especially after 1 a.m. Flyby has rounded up the best drunchies in the Square!

The Crimson's Vending Machine
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How to Beat Back the Freshman 15

Put on the pounds since the start of the year? Is Zinneken's heading straight to your thighs? Here's how to beat back the freshman (sophomore/junior/senior) 15.

Datamatch flowchart
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How Will Your Datamatch Go?

Will your Datamatch end in true love, awkward dhall eye contact, or worse? We map it out for you.

Datamatch 2019
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Datamatch Etiquette

Social situations are already stressful, but dates bring that stress (and awkwardness) to a whole new level. What's a socially-inhibited student to do when faced with Datamatch, Harvard's social-skills American Ninja Warrior?

Belated Valentine's Day
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Love it or Hate it: Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is divisive to say the least. Two writers square off with their respective views on the day of love.

Yard Chat Home Page
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Yard Chat: Harvard's New Yik Yak

You might have gotten a weirdly mysterious email, or you might have heard about it from friends, but Yard Chat is here. What's going on with this anonymous platform? We poked around to find out.

Breakfast in the Berg
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The Top 5 Reasons Why Sunday Brunch is the Best

Brunch is the best HUDS meal, and we’re giving you 5 reasons why

Shut Up and Dance: a Silent Disco Party
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How to Drop it Like it's Hot When it's Objectively Not: Winter Partying

As it gets colder, going out gets harder. Check out these hot tips for partying it up when the temperature drops.

&pizza/Milk Bar Atmosphere
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Sneak Peek: Milk Bar and &pizza

Sneak peek! Our writer reviews the &pizza/milk bar combo that's about to open in the Square.

The home page of QGuide+

QGuide+: The Student-Made Gem Finder You Need to Use

You can finally search for classes by Q guide ratings and workload. We repeat: you can finally search for gems.

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What It’s Like to be Quarantined at Harvard

It's surprisingly not bad...