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Flyby Investigates: Those Famous Harvard Yard Chairs

Besides the John Harvard Statue, the colorful chairs in the Yard are its most iconic decorations. These chairs have been the star of several articles, Quora queries, and even Tiktoks wondering why they’re there, how they got there, and why Harvard is spending our tuition money on $700 chairs.

How To: Get Off Your Couch

Eating double fudge brownies while swiping through semi-funny Zoom memes on the sofa is nice, but spending every afternoon this way may not be a recipe for long-term health and happiness (at least that’s what the doctors are saying, anyways). Turn over a new leaf and check out some Flyby-approved ways to stay at least a little active at home.

Quarantine Self-Makeovers That Aren't Cutting Your Bangs

We’re all going to come out of this socially awkward and in tie dye sweat suits — do you really want to throw bad DIY bangs into the mix? For those moments when scissors become tantalizing, and you keep telling yourself that “hair grows back,” here are a few alternative makeovers to try instead.

Young Adult Novel Plotlines: Harvard + COVID-19 Version

Chances are you’re currently stuck in your childhood bedroom, surrounded by the same four walls of your youth. Since we're all reverting back to our teenage selves, let's take some time to re-examine some of our favorite Young Adult storylines in the context of the times!

New Course Names Post-COVID-19

It’s safe to say that COVID-19 has changed our lives completely — and will probably continue to do so. While we can’t exactly predict what the future holds, we can try to predict Harvard’s course catalog! As Harvard boasts courses as “the kind students will never forget,” these fake future courses are bound to be engaging — or at least give students in 2080 an intense intro to quarantine.

How To Throw Your Own Formal

Formal season normally happens this time of year, but we must make do with our own home-thrown formals now that we are all safely social distancing. While we may never be able to recreate the magic that is failing to actually make it to the white tent in front of the Science Center for Freshman Formal, here are some tips on how to make a formal happen at home.

Advice for Virtual Visitas, From Harvard Faculty and Students

We know that navigating Visitas, and even Harvard in general if you choose to come here down the line, can be daunting and confusing, especially now that everything is virtual. With that, Flyby presents words of advice about Virtual Visitas from some of Harvard’s very own faculty and students.

Choosing a College That Sparks Joy

One of the most important things my parents said to me during the college process was, “We want you to go where you will be happy.” This notion has stuck with me ever since, and meant a lot as someone who got into Harvard Early Action (humble brag?), but wasn’t sure that it was where I wanted to go.

An Open Letter to Those-Trying-to-Decide-on-Schools-Without-Visiting-Any-Schools

Dear All-Pre-Frosh-Trying-To-Decide-On-Schools-Without-Visiting-Any-Schools, First of all, you’re doing amazing sweetie. The hardest part of applying to college is over, and you’ll never have to write another 250 word essay about how you possess “intellectual vitality.” That is not to say that deciding a college isn’t difficult, but you definitely have the resources to help you through the process.

Quiz: How Will You Meet People Remotely During Virtual Visitas?

Even if Visitas has been moved online, there are still tons of different ways to get to know your future classmates. Worried you won’t find your people? Take this quiz to find out how to form those deep relationships with your future peers.

Flowchart: How Will Your Virtual Visitas Go?

Excited to attend Zoom events? Dreading having to meet people for the first time over Zoom? Already have a plan to recreate Visitas at home? Even though it won’t be like the traditional Visitas, here’s a flowchart to predict how your Virtual Visitas will go.

PSA: Guide to Virtual Visitas 2020 Is Here!

Check out Flyby’s second-ever Guide to Visitas (and first-ever Guide to ~Virtual~ Visitas) here, where we’re giving you the inside scoop on Harvard student life, advice from current undergraduates and faculty, and ways to make the most of the move to all-things-remote. Stick around for an entire week of Visitas tips from our writers. Welcome, Class of 2024!

Quiz: What Type of Online Student Are You?

For five weeks you’ve been a student of Zoom University, and the standard Harvard archetypes no longer apply. Feel like you don’t recognize the person you see in your webcam anymore? Take this quiz to find out your new role in the virtual classroom.

Love it or Hate it: Timed Midterms

While we all hate midterms in general, timed midterms are the best way to go when taking midterms online. There are a lot of benefits to having your midterm timed and therefore over and done with.

Iconic Harvard Meals to Look Forward to

Just like every other Harvard student, you probably love to hate on the food in the dining halls. And we don’t blame you — it’s pretty easy to complain about HUDS’s beef stroganoff, seitan, and lack of on-brand cereal. But admit it: A few weeks away from campus, and even you are missing some of Harvard’s most iconic meals. We’re here to remind you what you have to look forward to dining-wise when we all get back to Cambridge.

How to: Begin Emails During COVID-19

It’s been a few weeks since college closed, and while many things have undoubtedly changed, email correspondence certainly hasn’t. From having to ask professors about their new syllabus to sending check-in emails to club members, we are even more immersed in this digital mode of communication than ever before.

Zoom Fitness Challenge

Feeling remorseful about not hitting the gym more often on campus? Think a good workout might improve your mood while you’re stuck at home? Sign in to your Zoom lecture, turn off your video camera, and get on your feet to try this workout challenge!

Unconventional Ways to Pass Time in Quarantine

Have you already made too many loaves of banana bread? Do you wish you could make your quarantine routine more efficient? Have you always promised yourself you’d learn an unusual skill during all of your “free time” as a Harvard student?

How to Celebrate Your Birthday in Self-Isolation

From celebrating with your blockmates to surprising a friend in their dorm room, birthdays in college are one of a kind. While the full Harvard birthday experience might not be possible in quarantine, there’s no reason you shouldn’t celebrate.

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