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How to Get Out of a Commitment

As Harvard students, we love saying yes to things. Sure, 10 p.m. is an awfully inconvenient time to mark green on the When2Meet, but it’s not like you have anything planned then (at the moment, at least).

25 Questions with Datamatch’s Supreme Cupids

While Valentine’s Day may not be for everyone, there’s one Harvard tradition that just about everyone can get behind: Datamatch. This year marks the 25th anniversary of everyone’s favorite matchmaking survey, so we came up with 25 questions for Datamatch co-presidents Teddy T. Liu ’20 (a former Crimson technology chair) and Ryan Y. Lee ’20.

Shopping on a Budget: Valentine’s Day at CVS

Whether this is your first year spending Valentine’s Day at college or you’re a Harvard Square budget shopping veteran, it can get tough thinking of new gift ideas for your SO on Cupid’s Day. So, when all hope seems lost, fear not!

Valentine’s Day Events Around Campus

Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching, and along with it comes the annual stress of figuring out how you’ll spend it. Whether you’re looking for a romantic date or just a platonic night with pals, there are plenty of student organizations on campus who are here to help.

What to do When Harvard IT is Down

Shopping week has come to a close and you should no longer be dependent on my.harvard, unless you’re starting to realize you signed up for 60 hours of work a week and are frantically searching for easier classes.

Shopping Week Bingo

From your blockmates to that library kid in that you always make awkward eye contact with, complaining about shopping week is the perfect way to start off any conversation.

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