Are Taylor Swift and Spotify Never, Ever, Ever Getting Back Together?


Taylor Swift is just as famous for her high-profile heartbreaks as her songs: Joe Jonas, Harry Styles, and Jake Gyllenhaal have all inspired tracks on her last album. But in the wake of releasing her most recent album, 1989, it looks like T-Swift is going through another breakup—with Spotify.

Last Monday, our favorite country-turned-pop superstar pulled all of her music off of the streaming site, ostensibly to not embarrass any “superfan[s]” who want to buy her albums.

Quite frankly, this is tragic. Now what are we supposed to play at our pregames? What will be the new soundtrack to our breakups? If I listen to Taylor Swift when I’m sad, what do I do when I’m sad about not being able to listen to Taylor Swift?

So listen up, Taylor, we get it. You’ve made your point about the value of music, and you’ve already made plenty of money off of 1989. But we aren’t trying to scam you out of royalties, we just want to be able to dance to “Shake it Off” without giving up $1.29 better spent on half of a Felipe’s burrito, one fifteenth of a handle of Rubinoff, or one two hundredth of Principles of Economics. Please, for the sake of broke college students everywhere, come back to Spotify.

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