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Best Spots to Cry During Reading Period

​If you’re finding that the stress of impending exams is making you go through a box of tissues a day, don’t worry; it’s perfectly natural to get a bit (a lot) teary-eyed at this time of year. However, your snot-covered crying face is probably less than cute and sobbing in a fetal position in the middle of Lamont cafe is probably less than optimal. Never fear—we’ve got you covered with a list of the best places to have your reading period emotional breakdowns.

How Harvard Has Messed Us Up for the Real World

Here at Harvard, we are taught by some of the best professors in the world, and we are lucky enough to be surrounded by some of the hardest working and most engaged students. We are getting ready to become productive members of society, to make a difference as leaders. Some of us will go into public service, some into medicine, and many will work in finance or consulting. But, as much as we love it here, life at Harvard doesn’t always translate well for the real world in so many ways.

​Flyby Investigates: The Uncertain Future of Al’s Café

We received the heart-wrenching news on September 17, 2015 from a Crimson Crave article that our beloved Al’s, the Italian sub shop in the Smith Campus Center, will be forced to relocate following plans to make the Center a hub for student activity.

HarvardKey: An Eagerly Anticipated Wait

​No more counting down the days and hours (we know, we know, it was eagerly anticipated) until changes are finally made to the Harvard PIN system login screen, because the much-anticipated date of September 22 is finally almost here. Or so we thought.

Reality Check: Penn Newspaper Initiates #beatharvard Campaign

ICYMI (and you probably did because the Daily Pennsylvanian has only 4,000 likes on Facebook), UPenn’s student paper uploaded this video to their Youtube channel in an attempt to #beatharvard on social media

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