Harvard Today: November 18, 2014

By Bridget R Irvine

There’s just over a week standing between you and the sweet sweet freedom of Thanksgiving break, which makes for an interesting campus atmosphere when mixed with the culmination of the final round of midterms and paper deadlines, as well as the anticipation of Harvard-Yale this weekend. Add to that the pleasantly surprising news that ESPN’s College GameDay will be be broadcasting outside the Dillon Field House Saturday morning, and therefore, the pressure to come up with the perfect sign.

All in all, it’s a lot to deal with for one week, and we’re sure sleep will be hard to come by. But hey, delirium makes for creativity, right? We wish you all the luck making it through today and the rest of the week. It’ll all be worth it (and over) sooner than you expect! Until then, stay strong and remember, at least you don’t go to school in New Haven.

Today is going to be one of the coldest we’ve had so far, with a “high” of 34 degrees and a low of 23. To add to that, it’s likely to be pretty windy and overcast for the most of the day, with a 0% chance of any precipitation. If any day’s weather screamed November, this would be it.

BBQ Tofu Multigrain Pizza with Peppers and Onions
Margarita Pizza on Multigrain Crust
BBQ Chicken Sandwich with Bacon

Beef Shepherd’s Pie
Chicken Francais
Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie with Cashew Cream Sauce

1. Wanted: ‘Secretary’ for Final Club Initiation: Sometimes life is just too hard.

2. Hold the (Red) Phone! How to Use Your Hotline: Wondering what to do with that obtrusive and mysterious red phone in the corner of your room? Flyby has some ideas.

1. North End Comes to the Square with Mike’s Opening: After months of delays, the renowned Boston cannoli and sweets shop Mike’s Pastry opened its second location to much anticipation this past week in Harvard Square.

2. Suit Alleges Race-Based Discrimination in Harvard Admissions Practices: The legal defense group Project on Fair Representation announced a lawsuit Monday morning against Harvard University for “employing racially and ethnically discriminatory policies” in its admissions practices, according to a copy of the filed complaint published by a newly formed offshoot of the group.

3. John Briscoe, Winner of Water’s Nobel, Dies: Environmental engineering professor John Briscoe, who specialized in water management and received the 2014 Stockholm Water Prize—commonly referred to as “the Nobel Prize of water”—died last Wednesday of cancer. He was 66

Today is the final session of Governor Chris Gregoire’s IOP Study Group. Drop by the Institute of Politics at 4 p.m. to hear her final reflections on leadership, running for office and pursuing careers in public service.

The IOP JFK Jr. Forum will be hosting NBC News Correspondent Tom Brokaw tonight at 6 p.m. for a discussion on the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Join Harvard Biotech Entrepreneurs for a Wagamama dinner & a talk with George Church, Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School and the world’s leading expert on synthetic biology. The event will take place at 7 p.m. in Boylston Hall.

Interested in Teach for America? The Harvard College Democrats are hosting a panel discussion on the program and how it impacts public schools nationwide. Panelists include Josh Biber, the Executive Director of TFA for Massachusetts. The discussion will begin at 8 p.m. in Boylston 105.

Dr. Paul Barreira, Director of Harvard University Health Services, provides a brief overview of HUHS's intention to alter overnight services at last night's town hall, organized by the UC and Harvard HealthPals. The panel, adjucated by UC VP Sieste Goffard, had HUHS representatives present to field questions and concerns from students. A second panel will be held on Wednesday in Emerson 210.

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