A Monday Night Bachelor Party: An Interview with Harvard's Bachelor Enthusiasts

As the NFL season drew to a close last month, so did the Harvard football team's chance to sit back and watch Monday Night Football every week. In its place, a new weekly ritual has taken over for a few of Harvard's athletes: The Monday Night Bachelor Viewing Party. Every Monday, two football players and a soccer player gather to engage in stimulating discussions as they watch Juan Pablo’s weekly search for love on The Bachelor.

We interviewed “The Bachelor" enthusiasts Michael D. Hirsch ’14, William G. “Vas” Giahos ’14, and Cameron M. Brate ’14 to find out a little more about their TV habit.

Flyby: How did you guys first get into The Bachelor?
MH: “I have two sisters and they always watched The Bachelor…so I started watching it kind of secretly in my room last year, and then Cam, my roommate, walked in, and he sat down and started watching and then we talked about it together as we were going to class."
WG: “We all just watched it separately and then [Michael and Cameron] were always watching it in their room and I said "Oh, I watch it too." And then it became a thing on Monday nights.”
CB: “When we first got started, it was actually all Mike. For whatever reason, he was a big fan of the show, and then he started watching it on the TV and we only have one TV in our room so I started watching The Bachelor and I kind of got hooked.”

Flyby: What do you guys do at your Bachelor viewing party?
CB: “Oh, at the parties, it starts off where we light some candles to kind of set the mood a little bit, open a bottle of nice white wine, and then we have chocolate fondue set up. Then this is at six so this is two hours before so we pre-game it. And then we lock the door at eight, no guests, no talking, no phones. We want to give a natural organic viewing experience. So next week we’re pretty excited because it’s two nights, both Monday and Tuesday for a Tuesday Night Special.”
MH: “It’s pretty meaty. There will be guys like stretching, doing work-outs and stuff. A lot of protein.”

Flyby: What are your thoughts on Juan Pablo?
WG: “He’s a phenomenal dude. Such a great accent. I’m a soccer player myself so I dig that. He seems a pretty nice guy. He’s coming on emotionally now which is nice to see, you know he’s just trying to find love.”
CB: “You know to be honest, not a big fan of Juany P. It’s just the language barrier, he struggles with the language a little bit. He’s a very suave guy so no disrespect, can’t hate on him.”

Flyby: What are your thoughts about the season so 
MH: “It’s obviously really fun to watch. We’re a little disappointed in the fact that Juan hasn’t built any serious relationships with anyone yet. He’s just kind of kissy with all of the girls.
WG: “It’s been a good season. It feels like it’s been a quick season to tell you the truth. It flies by.”

Flyby: Who do you think is going to win Juan Pablo’s heart?
MH: “I really like Andi the best, she’s our favorite. We’re rooting for Andi right now. She’s smart and strong and a good match for Juan.
WG: “Mike Hirsch’s pick who he thought was going to go all the way dropped out on the last episode so he was pretty upset."
Flyby: “Wait, we thought he liked Andi?"
WG: “He liked Sharleen before her, and she left so he was like "Aw man!" and now he likes Andi. Cam is for Andi and I’m also for Andi but I’m also for Nikki.”
CB: “Mike was the big Sharleen fan, so he was pretty devastated when she left last episode. There was a lot of drama. But I agree with Juan, she wasn’t the right match. I’m rooting for Andi, she’s great, love her. I hope she wins.”

Flyby: Is this your guilty pleasure or are you loud and proud about watching The Bachelor?
MH: “I’m loud and proud about it. But the other guys, it’s definitely a guilty pleasure.”
WG: “I don’t know if I’d say I’m loud and proud about it. I definitely don’t go around advertising it, but I’m not ashamed of it.”
CB: “It’s definitely a guilty pleasure, I’m not that loud and proud about it.”

Flyby: Have you ever wanted to be on the show?
MH: “No, just because I would probably end up saying something corny.”
WG: “Yeah, I thought about it. I guess it’s just not really my thing. I don’t think I can take all the controversy and emotions--it’s just too much to handle. No doubt I’d be good at it though.”
CB: “I think my buddy Vas would be a great bachelor. He’s kind of got that all-American personality and you’d think he’s really smooth--he’s not that smooth but that kind of aspect would just make it great for viewers. I think he’d find true love out there.”

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