Harvard Today: March 13, 2014

By Christine E Mansour

Happy Thursday and Housing Day! Whether you’re a freshman frantically texting all your friends about which House you got, or if you’re an upperclassman showing off some house pride (green bikinis and Speedos, we see you, Currier), we all know it’s going to be a long and crazy day! Most importantly, remember to stay safe and have fun!

It's also Throwback Thursday, so take a look back at last year’s Housing Day, or even 2012’s Housing Day, when freshmen in Matthews mistook a fire alarm from burning turkey bacon in the basement kitchen for a dorm wake-up call!

Looks like you’re going to have to reacquaint yourself with those snowboots! It’ll be snowy today and a high of 26 degrees. You might ask why the temperature dropped about 20 degrees over the course of a day, but the real question is whether or not anyone’s surprised at this point.

Cuban Pork Sandwich
Popcorn Chicken
Spicy Jalapeno Jack Cheese and Macaroni

Baked Salmon with Dill
Chicken Potstickers
Sweet & Sour Tofu
Chicken & Waffles

1) “Ivy” Recap: Tangled and Tumultuous- Too busy with Housing day festivities to watch “Ivy,” but curious about it nonetheless? Check out this recap of its first episode!

2) Listen Up! Housing Day Special Edition
- Steven S. Lee and Dev A. Patel give you the lowdown on all advice Housing Day-related!

3) Making the Grade: Student Athletes Face Conflicts with Practices and Classes- “While packed schedules are nothing new for most Harvard students, athletes face a particularly difficult predicament….In order to fulfill their concentration requirements, many students must miss either an entire practice per week or portions of practice throughout the week.”

4) Businesses in Smith Center Unclear about Future- “Four months after Harvard announced planned renovations to The Richard A. & Susan F. Smith Campus Center, and almost a week after faculty and student working groups released their recommendations, the future of retailers and restaurants inside the Smith Center is still unclear.”

5) Harvard Policies on Medical Marijuana To Remain Unchanged- “Despite the legalization of medical marijuana in Massachusetts at the beginning of 2014, Harvard will not be altering its drug prohibition policies on campus to make an exception for medical marijuana."

The OCS is having a PreK-12 Expo from 3 to 6 p.m. today at the Gutman Conference Center on 6 Appian Way. Meet with schools from across the country who are here to recruit for different positions! Come with your resume and dress business professional.

The University of Michigan Medical School is holding an information session at 54 Dunster from 4 to 5 p.m. Meet with the Director of Admissions, Robert Ruiz, about the application process and studying at the University of Michigan Medical School. Register for this event at Crimson Careers.

Happy Housing Day! Here's to a day of upperclassmen storming the yard, freshmen celebrating (or crying, but please don't!) over their house assignments, and lots of (possibly drunk) fun!

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