#tbt: Assassination Fears When Fidel Castro Visited Harvard

1Uncaptioned photo
1Uncaptioned photo

By Harvard Archives

Who knew? Fidel Castro used to be smokin' hot.

Back in April 1959, Castro visited Harvard and just like pre-frosh after Visitas, he decided not to stay.

The administration feared that Castro might take shots (not the fun kind) and cracked (not the fun kind) down on security. Police worried that potential assassins might conceal themselves in the bleachers of the Athletic stadium. Someone should have told them that Harvard students don’t attend sports events.

To show his support, President Pusey left campus and was absent for Castro’s speech. Probably for the better as Castro had a habit of overthrowing presidents.

Castro passed on Ivy League prep and stuck with his army fatigues. You know what they say: dress well, test well.

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