HUDS Is Currently Killing it

By Magdalena Kala

The best part of this year will not be Dean Khurana’s Instagrams, renovated Lev, or more bearable weather—if you haven’t checked out the HUDS grill yet, you should right now.

HUDS has definitely been listening “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea because their food is going gourmet. The new items include not one, but two vegan burger options that sound edible: a Ruby Beet and Kale Vegan Burger and a Sweet Potato and Black Bean Vegan. Other new items include a Vermont Cheddar Cheese Sandwich (we’re too good for plain grilled cheeses now), omelettes for dinner, and fries whenever you want. Finally, if you ever get bored, we now have a weekly special. Last week was a salmon burger, this week is bleu cheese burger with bacon. At this rate, we might even have lobster in a few months.

There are, of course, are some casualties in this new makeover. There are some items to which we say good riddance: The Chik’n Patty and the Boca burger—what was even in that? Some things we’ll miss more, like the bean burrito and the old turkey burgers—the new ones just don’t cut it.

Thank god that we have somewhere to turn to when our favorite swai runs out.

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