What Should You Be Watching on TV This Fall?

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All Harvard students need a TV show or two to binge watch. Remember– it is sometimes important to avoid responsibilities and take a mental vacation. Here are 6 shows you should be watching:

Arrow and The Flash

If you’re into superheroes, particularly of the DC variety, or you’re just excited about attractive people wearing attractive costumes, these are the shows for you. They’re linked together, and have crossover episodes once or twice a season. This is the best two-for-one deal you’ll see all fall. These shows involve a lot of action scenes but also heartfelt connections between various characters. Plus, if you’re familiar with the comic books, it’s always fun to see characters that are new to the shows connect back to the original stories. Arrow Season 4 and The Flash Season 2 are currently airing. #NetflixAndChill with the previous seasons.


Looking for a bit of English culture in your life? You should check out Sherlock! This BBC show only has 3 episodes per season, and while learning that it won’t be coming back for a year after you thought it would is almost as bad as remembering you live in the Quad, the wait is worth it every time. This show challenges your mind, and we all know that Harvard kids love to be thinking even in their so-called ‘break time.’ It is interesting to try and figure out the mystery as it unfolds before you, and you’ll find that every detail is essential to understanding the solution to the mystery. This show balances the perfect amount of sarcastic humor and touching moments. As of now, there are 3 seasons of Sherlock, all of which are available on Netflix. While we will have to wait an eternity for season 4, there is a Christmas Special episode this December.


If you ever feel like there’s not enough suspense in your life between wondering how you’re supposed to get that English paper done in 45 minutes and thinking about whether you’re going to develop health problems because of the alarming number of cookies you eat at Brain Break, you should watch Scandal. The action never stops in this show, and just when you think you know where it’s headed, you encounter another plot twist. If you’re a fan of strong female leads, Kerry Washington will fill the hole in your soul that you didn’t know was there. Scandal is on its 5th season– catch up with all four previous seasons on Netflix.

Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s is perfect for you if you want to fool yourself into thinking you’re learning science while shamelessly enjoying what is essentially a soap opera. Although you do pick up certain medical terms along the way, this show is for those of you who love hot romance, conflict, and drama. Be prepared to get emotionally attached to the characters’ lives in a way you never expected was possible before. There are a whopping 11 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, with 12 airing right now! So the average Harvard student could procrastinate on at least 10 major assignments with this show. Oh, and all 11 seasons are on Netflix so you don’t have to expend the effort of clicking the next episode.


This is hands down the best show to binge-watch. With only ½-hour episodes, you can convince yourself that watching 6 in a row is acceptable even though that adds up to three 3-hour episodes which is definitely questionable. This show never fails to be funny. Between Ross’s nerdy humor, Joey’s sexual innuendos, Chandler’s sarcastic banter, Phoebe’s dazed confusion, Rachel’s general naivety, and Monica’s obsessive personality, you couldn’t find a funnier or more dysfunctional group of 6 people. Oh wait, we’re at Harvard. That changes things. In all seriousness, if you haven’t watched this show, you should definitely check it out. The show actually deals with a lot of day-to-day issues many of us deal with, but by putting into a humorous light, it makes us realize it’s not so bad. All 10 episodes are on...you got it. Netflix. And the best part? When someone asks you what you’re doing this weekend, you can truthfully reply that you have plans with friends.

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