Halloween at Harvard: Best Costumes on Campus

By Michelle M. Ng

Harvard students are known for being creative. Sure, they can craft resumes that resemble works of art, write Pulitzer-worthy papers on books they've never read, and spin epic tales about their accomplishments during job interviews at McKinsey. But how creative are they on the one holiday where it really matters the most: Halloween? To solve this great mystery last Friday, Flyby scoped out the costume scene on campus to bring you some of the most creative, the weirdest and the most Harvard relevant costumes of the crop. Maybe you can use them for Heaven & Hell too.


Enveloped by a cloud of perfume and a shower of glitter that can be seen from a mile away, the ever-alluring Tyler Frances '18 bravely struts into the October night wearing golden short shorts and not much else. When asked about his costume, he explained that he is "Dionysus, the god of ecstatic possession!"—a fitting choice for a weekend of bacchanalian revelry.

K-Pop Girl Band

After Gangnam Style swept us all off our feet in 2012, a new wave of K-Pop fever is descending upon campus this Halloweekend. "According to 2NE1, WE ARE THE BEST!" exclaims Claudia Laurie '18, apparently in reference to the some female K-Pop band the trio is imitating.

The Donald

An orange-toupéd force of nature, Trey Sexton '19 sweeps into the party with a celebrity scowl, a foul mood, and a handful of thousand dollar bills peeking out of his suit. Maybe he wasn’t embarrassed enough by the prank that was pulled by the semi-secret Sorrento Square organization that used to occasionally publish a so-called humor magazine.

The Honor Code

One costumed student seemed to radiate with unadulterated purity and academic integrity this Halloween. "I thought it'd be fun to dress up as [the honor code], especially because it had been had so overemphasized on campus," explained Grace C. Ramsey '19.

Glow-in-the-Dark Stick Figures

A creative take on a children's costume idea, Saskia M. Keller '18 and Rebecca L. Gracias '18 stole the spotlight as colorful dancing stick people. One of the perks of glowing in the dark? According to Gracias, "We never had to worry about getting lost in the crowd because Saskia and I could see each other from a mile away."

Rakesh & Stephanie Khurana

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, the Khuranas certainly have loyal fans! Siddharth Yarlagadda '18 and Sali E. Yi '18 are dressed as Rakesh and Stephanie— the well-loved Dean of Harvard College and his wife and Co-House Master at Cabot House, respectively. Talk about a power couple! (Maybe Siddharth has a fake Vespa too?)

Netflix and Chill

Popularized by internet memes everywhere, this classic euphemism for college hookups is now available in costume form! After best friends Maddie Sewani '16, an inactive Crimson editor, and Grace E. Dhanraj '16 indulged in a series of post-work Netflix marathons this past summer, they were surprised to learn that "Netflix and chill" was actually a double-entendre (!!!), sparking a hilarious idea for their joint Halloween costume.


If Smiley was sitting in your LS1a lecture, you probably have bigger problems to worry about than your pre-med GPA. Introducing the creative brainchild of Elaine Dong '17, a VES concentrator who took three hours to assemble her homemade costume. "I just wanted to do something creepy," says Dong. "I wanted to make people pee in their pants."

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