Harvard Today: December 9, 2015


Hey, Harvard. We hope you have a healthy and productive day today and that you enjoy the rest of your reading period.



Baked Multigrain Rotini with Sausage Sauce

Red Spiced Chicken Breast

Green Garbanzo Falafel Sandwich


Catch of the Day

Chicken Breast with Tomato Basil Salsa

Mesquite Baked Tofu with Pineapple Salsa


It’s going to be 45º and cloudy today.


Annenberg Fixture John Martin Builds Community Among Freshmen
It’s lunchtime at Annenberg, and a mass exodus of Economics 10 students streaming out of Sanders Theatre has swarmed the doors to the freshman dining hall. The line stretches beyond the doors to the sidewalk outside. Despite the grumbles from the back of the line, freshmen cheer up by the time they enter the dining hall and a friendly, boisterous voice greets them.

Harvard Releases Inaugural Alumni Impact Study
The University has released the results of its inaugural Impact Study, a survey commissioned to quantify the global activity of Harvard alumni in entrepreneurship, board service, and volunteer service. The study shows that nearly four out of 10 alumni are founders of for-profit or nonprofit organizations, and that alumni serve on almost 300,000 boards.

Faculty To Vote To Reaffirm Commitment to Student Diversity
The Faculty of Arts and Sciences, the University’s flagship faculty body, will vote to reaffirm its commitment to student body diversity after being presented with a report which argued for the importance of racial and ethnic diversity to the College’s mission.

Law School Students Protest Minow’s Response to Demands
After making a series of demands they say will improve Harvard Law School’s treatment of minority students, more than 100 students gathered on the campus’s Kumble Plaza on Monday to protest what they said was Law School Dean Martha L. Minow’s failure to adequately address their concerns.


A Call to Action — Between 12 and 3 in Sever 113, stop by the community meeting discussing the crisis in Syria.

Free Lunchtime Tour — The Harvard Semitic Museum is offering free tours at 12:30 today.

Bauhaus Designs for Modern Life — Come to the Harvard Art Museums for this Gallery Talk at 12:30. Tickets are free but limited, and are available at the admissions desk starting at 12:20.

Harvard College Forum on Diversity and Inclusion — Dean Khurana is hosting this forum in the Parlor Room of the Phillips Brooks House at 5:30 p.m.

On the Threshold of Paradise — Come to the Harvard Art Museums at 6 to hear Boston University Professor Sunil Sharma discuss Poetry and Painting in Mughal Kashmir.

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