Student Curls Outside of the Science Center
It’s Thursday, Thursday, gotta get down on Thursday! Fridays are overrated anyway. It’s all about gettin’ down on Thursdays– unless you have a 9 a.m. on Friday, in which case, nevermind.

Htod 26

Say goodbye to the sun! It’s going to be nice and cloudy today. If we’re lucky, the clouds won’t precipitate on our heads– but grab an umbrella just in case. With highs of 23 degrees and lows of 8 degrees, it’s going to be another chilly day, so bundle up!

Classic Kotopoulo Yiouvetsi: Chicken Casserole with Orzo
Philly Cheese Steak Sub
Spanakopita Turnovers

Cajun Salmon
Mesquite Rotisserie Chicken
Savory Baked Tofu
Sweet Potato Pecan Souffle


1) A Visitor’s Guide to Cambridge and Boston (Cheatsheet for Junior Parents' Weekend): Being cooped up with your parents in your unexplainably dirty room and then exchanging affections over a HUDS dinner of red spiced chicken doesn’t sound fun to us!

2) How to Get Your Life Together for Parents’ Weekend: Junior Parents’ Weekend is coming up! Prove to your parents that you are capable of living on your own– or at least pretend that you can for one weekend.

3) Listen Up! Finding Love in a Hopeless Place and Other Struggles: Caie and Will answering all questions about love and smelly roommates!

4) PSA: NYT Modern Love Essay Contest: Do you have thoughts on love? Want to write these thoughts down and maybe win $1,000 and be featured in the Times?

5) Blocking for Dummies: Last Minute Blocking Tips: Freshmen, look no further for blocking advice– we’ve got you covered #yourewelcome


1) More Students Take Time Off Before Applying to Medical School: “In 2004, out of the 302 Harvard applicants to medical school, about 40 percent were seniors aiming to continue schooling directly after graduation. The remaining 60 percent were alumni who had taken at least one year off, opting to pursue projects such as a travel fellowship, a different graduate degree like a Master’s or Ph.D., a research project, a teaching or community service experience, or paid employment.”

2) Undergrads Form DKE Fraternity Colony: “Undergraduates are organizing to create a chapter of international fraternity Delta Kappa Epsilon, marking a potential increase in the already growing number of Greek organizations at the College.”

3) HUDS Rolls Out Halal Chicken: “In response to Muslim students’ requests for healthier halal protein options, Harvard University Dining Services began serving halal chicken on the grill menu in all dining halls last week. Halal chicken will eventually serve as the only halal meat at the grill, once supplies for halal hamburgers and hotdogs run out, according to HUDS spokesperson Crista Martin.”