Dude, That’s Rude: Annenberg

By Sophie G. Garrett

Starting freshman year of college can be a big change. It's likely the first time that you're living away from home, with little to no supervision. Naturally, this means that freshmen can be known for occasionally doing stupid stuff, like getting too drunk, hoarding food, or just being plain rude. We all know that kid. We all have been that kid. So if you do these things…just stop right now, we beg you.

Swiping the last 20 cookies “for later” and stashing them in the large container you brought from your room. The sad person behind you is forced to come to terms with their cookie-less milk.

Filling up your 1L water bottle that has been your best friend ever since FOP and gives you something to do during math lecture. But seriously, no one has the two minutes that it takes for the slow trickle of the water fountain to keep you hydrated.

“Merging” at the front of the tray return line at 12:59 right before LS1a (and why haven’t you figured out that this just isn’t a good time to return your tray?). Or maybe you sneak in the “out” direction of tray return and knock into an angry wrestler. Or you don’t even bother with a tray anymore and you force other people to clear your plates on their trays so you can avoid the 12:59 rush.

Leaving your sandwich in the griddle to burn while you flirt with the guy from CS50 in front of the soda fountain (please get out of the way there, too, and let other people get their drinks). Even worse, you put your sandwich in the middle of the griddle so there is no space for anyone else’s.

Taking zoom-in Snapchats of your friends from the balcony as they awkwardly shovel salad into their mouths. Or worse, accidentally letting tourists sneak in the back entrance and are take photos for their vacation album.

If you laughed knowingly at any of these Annenberg faux pas, on behalf of the freshman class, all we can say to you is: dude, that’s rude.

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