How to Start Your Work this Late in the Game

By Parul Agarwal

It’s already the fourth, going on fifth, week of school and you’re just realizing that you have work to do. From piling up p-sets to enormous essays, it would have probably been better to start on your work at the beginning of the semester. But if you’re reading this, it might not be too late to get caught up in your classes.

First things first, you will need get organized. You need to make sure you are doing work that is actually due soon and not wasting your time on readings that are a lost cause. Writing down your priorities in a central location is a great way to not forget you might have a midterm the next day. Maybe on a strategically placed Post-It note on your desk or an obsessively color-coded Google Calendar. You might not be always on time for class but you will always know when it is.

Then, to finish on all those last minute projects, you need to find your place to work. Some people can’t work where they sleep because they will... sleep. Those who abandon all hope enter Lamont for an extended period of time. Try to find a space where you know you can and will get the most work done whether it is the relatively quiet hallway common room, the d-hall or the wonderfully noisy Starbucks in the Square.

But getting organized and finding your place of work doesn't mean anything if you are not actually doing the work. You will actually need to sit down and get pen to paper or hand to laptop. That's why you need to focus. Some people like to play music while they're reading or working to help them stay on track. Besides, you did buy that Spotify student plan for a reason or “borrow” your friend’s login and password.

Others can’t help but to look who at someone’s latest Insta pic (like ours) or play Neko Atsume over and over again. There are apps for your laptop and your phone like Self-Control in order to restrict access to certain websites and apps so you can finally work on the paper you avoided all this time. Maybe even use the Do Not Disturb function on your phone for a bit.

With all of this, you may catch up to all the work you have missed. Of course, that is until next semester.

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