The Fifth State of Grief: Getting Over Panera

By Jennifer S Shi

Harvard students everywhere are still in the process of recovery from the devastating news of the closure of our local branch of Panera Bread. Many lost souls have asked what would become of them without their favorite purveyors of baked goods and late-night study fuel. But not to worry, we the experts at Flyby have determined that not all is lost for the denizens of Harvard College. There's a new coffee shop in town called "Tatte," which we have judged to be an entirely satisfactory replacement for the following reasons:

You'll look more cultured - Gone are the days when you would give your patronage to a mere franchise coffeeshop. You won't be going to Panera Bread for a breakfast sandwich anymore––you'll be stopping by at Tatte for a croque monsieur. Now you too can revel in the envy of your plebeian state school friends as they hear of your superior culinary habits.

No more hunting for classier joints - Got a networking coffee grab coming up? Wanna give your next Tinder date the cachet of an upscale coffee joint? Bring them over to Tatte and blow them away with your discerning taste. Your sense of refinement will have future lunchmates reaching for your CV in no time––among other things.

Do it for the Gram - The upscale presentation of your new overpriced coffee will make for great Instagram fodder. Use it to fill in the gaps during reading period or finals week when posting a regular selfie will simply just not suffice.

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