As the big game draws near, many students find themselves shocked by the need to actually buy tickets for a school sporting event. Even more shocking is the price: $25 to sit in a freezing cold bowl and scream with other students for three hours. For those of you skeptical of this pricing scheme, Flyby has compiled a list of alternative ways to spend your $25, should you decide that the H-Y game simply isn’t worth it.

An Infinite Number of Regular Football Tickets

Seriously. Most Harvard students have to be dragged to regular home games (if they even know they’re happening), and these games are free. Yet we flock to the opportunity to buy $25 tickets to a game that forces us to travel to New Haven? Hmmm…

Three Feathers of a Canada Goose Jacket

The weather’s taken a turn for the cold in the last few days, leading many to realize that they’re not quite as prepared for winter as they thought. If the thought of owning a lusciously warm, exorbitantly-priced Canada Goose Jacket makes your heart skip a beat, good luck—you had better start saving now.

650 Feet of Bubble Wrap

What better way to start prepping for finals than distracting yourself with 650 feet of bubble wrap delivered straight to you? Do you need 650 feet of it? Yes my friend, yes you do.

Two Entire Clover Meatball Subs

If you’ve been secretly wanting to try Clover’s meatless meatball subs, now is your chance, but since they are almost $13 each, you can only buy two. Is it a better way to spend your $25? Probably not, but hopefully they’ll at least be tasty.

Go forth. Spend your $25. Cast your vote on the most worthy cause. Be it an experience, a meal, or the endless annoyance of your roommates, it will most certainly be more worth it than a certain sporting event in New Haven.