Harvard Yale Preview

The Game 2019

Linebackers Derek "Cameron" Kline '20 and Joseph L. Goodman '20 celebrate a stop during last year's Harvard win in the 135th playing of The Game against Yale. Kline, Goodman, and the rest of the Crimson defense will be tested by Yale's effective passing game in this Saturday's playing of The Game in New Haven.


The campus of Yale University, pictured in 2017. Harvard's rival is now the subject of a federal probe into whether it discriminates against Asian-American applicants.

Football Relies on Kickers in Tight Spots

Football kickers can be an enigmatic group, often coming from a soccer background and practicing at the periphery. However, despite their behind-the-scenes role, Harvard's kickers are crucial to both the team’s success and its camaraderie year after year.

Underdog Football Seeks to Upset Yale

This year, the tables have turned. After years of dominance, Harvard—which has experienced great triumphs and trials in 2017—will enter The Game in an unfamiliar position: as the underdog.

The Game 2017: Underdog Football Visits Yale

This year, the Crimson travels to New Haven to play an unfamiliar role: spoiler. While the Bulldogs have already clinched a share of the Ivy League title, Harvard aims to prevent Yale from earning an outright crown.

From the Archives: Harvard-Yale Game Rescheduled

Yale's Bill Henderson (40) runs into Crimson opposition during the second period of the 1963 Harvard-Yale game, as John P. Dockery ‘66 (44), Jack L. Neuenschwander ‘64 (70), and Rick L. Beizer ‘64 (26) converge on the Eli halfback. This photograph from the New Haven game, which was rescheduled for November 30 after the Kennedy assassination, ran in the Monday, December 2, 1963 issue of The Crimson.

The Great Balloon Hack

Members of MIT’s Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity had, in classic MIT engineering fashion, crafted a technological masterpiece: a Freon-driven hydraulic balloon device that they wired into an empty circuit breaker under the field.

Flyby's Guide to Harvard-Yale: The Pregame

We're still not quite sure what part of Harvard-Yale is better: the pregame or the after party. If you're a fan of the former, we've got you covered with some excellent ways to get your Harvard-Yale weekend going.

Harvard-Yale Preparations

Cassie C. Wang ’17, a member of the Harvard Crimson Dance Team, prepares to sell Harvard-Yale t-shirts on Thursday morning in front of the Science Center. The t-shirts are sold before the Harvard-Yale game every year by members of the Crimson Dance Team, a competitive dance group on campus.

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