At this point of the semester, the twinkle in our eyes is gone, as is any desire to power through reading period. Small pleasures like seeing your crush or not having your grill order stolen are the only things that keep our will to live somewhat intact. If your idea of self-care consists of crying in the bathroom in between classes, you’ll relate to these wholesome Harvard things that separate us from dreaming of throwing a lit cigarette in the direction of gasoline soaked Lamont at night. Obviously, most of these will be food related.

Poutine Wednesdays

We give HUDS a lot of crap, but we still have to admit that the scrumptious smell of fresh french fries in the dining hall can put a half-smile on any weary face. Poutine Wednesday might be what prevents some of us from completely giving up and dropping out.

Tutor dogs

If a cute puppy roaming around your house cannot warm your cold dead heart, you might as well quit because nothing ever will.

Cancelled classes

The only pleasurable Canvas notification to receive is a half-baked apology note from your professor about cancelling a class. Bonus points if the cancellation results in your midterm getting pushed back (looking at you Psy 18).

Leftovers in the dhall

Cold takeout leftovers left in the dhall by an especially unpopular student organization from their sad little study break are inarguably the best part of House life (even if they’re basically solidified grease at that point).

After class naps

Research has shown that most students waste morning lectures daydreaming about the 4 hour nap they’ll take after. No shame in trying to keep the dark void from fully enveloping your soul.

Currier Duck

Currier House may be irrelevant, but it's only redeeming quality is also the most ~wholesome~.

If you can’t appreciate any of these little delights you probably have been truly dead inside for a while.