We get it—it’s hard to live down Harvard’s second loss to Connecticut’s premiere unaccredited arts and crafts school. But we compiled a list of even worse failures to distract you from this dark time.

Thanksgiving homework deadlines

There’s a special place in hell for every professor who thinks we have nothing better to do than submit psets over our hard-earned break. Can they not?

Getting rejected by the PSK’s bouncer

To be fair, even Mark Zuckerberg couldn’t get into the Phoenix, so the game was rigged from the start. Just accept that you weren’t dressed skimpily enough, or don’t have any high-society friends, and move on to a more inclusive but similarly gross Pfoho bell tower party.

Eliot swipers catching you eating interhouse

An even bigger L than the latter, as River House dining halls are more exclusive than any party.

Missing the shuttle

Getting Quadded is a glaring L in of itself, but missing the shuttle and having to take an embarrassing minutes-long uber to the Science Center is beyond shameful.

Not getting off the League’s waitlist

The League dating app was designed to offer the truly deserving a chance at cuffing people worthy of their status. Dating someone outside the Ivy League bubble is in such poor taste. But if you didn’t get accepted into its prestigious dating pool, maybe you should stick to lowly Tinder for now with all its Babson baes and B.U. biddies.

B in Hebrew Bible

“The Hebrew Bible” is considered to be one of the easiest classes at our fine institution, so getting anything lower than an A in this gem is so sad. How did you even get into Harvard?

Going to Yale

Sure, losing to the New Haven’s Elementary School is a humiliating experience. But in the end, nothing will beat the L Yale students took after getting brutally rejected from Harvard.

Hey, we might have lost at sports but at least our notion of a social space doesn’t include a seedy nightclub full of random townies looking to shove their tongue down your throat.