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The Weld Solarium is the study spot you didn’t know you needed, and is especially convenient for anyone who’s in the Yard and reluctant to go to a library. It's literally always open, so take the elevator in Weld up to the 5th floor and then walk up the last flight of stairs to reach this hidden gem.

Sociability: You can totally go up to the Solarium just hang out with your friends on the couches, but since it’s a pretty small room, it’s also easy to get some solid work done by occupying the sole table in the room.

Crowds: We’ve never seen more than one other person up there, but hey, it could happen. Since it is a dorm, we imagine it gets more crowded in the evenings with people looking to hang out, but it’s usually empty during the day.

Ambiance: Since all four of the walls are windows, the Solarium not only has some killer views of the Yard, but also an artsy and well-lit vibe that will definitely help you struggle over your Math 21A notes. There are also two couches, which you can conveniently lie on to despair about the impending doom that is finals. That being said, at least you’re despairing in bright natural light.

Amenities: There’s nothing up here, but there aren’t rules either, so you can definitely bring whatever food/drink your heart desires to ease the burden of your studies.

Bonus: Since the room is usually deserted, there is no one to judge you for playing music out loud, watching Netflix instead of studying, or having a good old fashioned breakdown. Walk up the last flight of stairs with caution late at night though, we heard a rumour once that couples make out up there.