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Love it or Hate it: Timed Midterms

While we all hate midterms in general, timed midterms are the best way to go when taking midterms online. There are a lot of benefits to having your midterm timed and therefore over and done with.

The Types of People in Your Zoom Lecture

We all know that Zoom has changed the game when it comes to lectures. It feels all too ~optional~ to do our work, and now we don’t have letter grades. Either way, keep reading for the ultimate rundown of all the types of people we’ve all been seeing in our Zoom lectures.

Flyby’s Back to School Playlist — Spring 2020

New Year, New Playlist! Listen to Flyby's take on the best bops of early 2020 and return to campus with good music, if not good vibes.

Back to Campus Playlist — Spring 2020

Back to Campus Playlist — Spring 2020