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Allison P. Yan

Allison P. Yan '19 is an Associate Editorial Editor and Blog Writer living in Quincy House. She studies Human Evolutionary Biology and calls Cincinnati, OH home. Her interests include the intersection of race and gender issues, mental health on campus, and the Boston food scene.

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This Week at Harvard: Independence Day Edition

It’s now officially summer, and while many of you are probably toiling away at internships by day and relaxing by night, there are still many fun events in Harvard Square and beyond (especially for July 4th weekend).

Mather House

Mather may be the River House furthest from the Square, but it's community definitely makes up for it. We took a trip to the "Concrete Jungle" to get you the inside scoop on this house.

​Things at Harvard Higher than Trump’s Approval Rating

Next time you’re suffering through a class with a terrible Q score or bemoaning the fact that you’re a prospective Class of 2021er who wants to be in the Fly(by) Club but also wants to get that Rhodes scholarship, just remind yourself that your chances are probably still higher than Trump’s approval rating.

The Stress Factor

Rather than brush stress off as something that solely has adverse effects on students and advocate every measure possible to reduce stress, universities should encourage students to learn how to take greater control of it.