ICYMI: Rihanna Is Blessing Us With Her Presence

The face that has been overtaking your Facebook newsfeed.
The face that has been overtaking your Facebook newsfeed.

Unless you’ve avoided human contact for the last 24-48 hours, it shouldn't be news to you that Rihanna is coming to campus next week. Yes, Rihanna, the love of our lives ever since “Unfaithful” made us consider ending it with our 4th grade significant other. And while we ended up miserable after trying to follow the advice from her songs, we still have love for her. Not everyone (read: not you) can be a savage like Rihanna.

Here’s the rundown on Ms. Fenty’s visit—as if we needed prompting to be at this event. As if.

The face that has been overtaking your Facebook newsfeed.
The face that has been overtaking your Facebook newsfeed. By Courtesy of Facebook

Actual Event: Why are we this blessed?

As great as Harvard students tend to think we are, Rihanna is not coming just to hang out with us. She’s being presented with the the Harvard Foundation’s Peter J. Gomes Humanitarian of the Year Award. The Harvard Foundation. Aka the people who are also bringing Viola Davis on Mar. 4. Aka the people who seem very dedicated to preventing our mental breakdowns over the next two weeks.

Ms. Fenty is being presented with this award for all the charitable work, work, work, work, work she’s been doing. And she’s done this all while dealing with Drake’s childishness!

Time and Date: The best moment of our young lives

If you’re lucky, you’ll get to breathe the same air as Rihanna as soon as next week. She’s coming on Tuesday, February 28th from 4:00 to 5:30 p.m. If you’re one of those unlucky souls who have class or section during this time, we are not telling you to skip class. On the other hand, we’re not not telling you to skip class.

Location: So we know where to camp out

Sanders Theatre. Finally there might be an event magical enough to rid us of two semesters worth of Ec10 PTSD. What could be more intimate than a room with Rihanna and 1,000 of her closest friends?

Ticketing: Will we have to sell our souls?

This event is free. We’re so excited about it that we’re going to repeat it. This event is free. We don’t have to offer up our firstborn to see her. And don't try to say you wouldn't do that. Because that’s a lie. You would. We all would.

Tickets are only in-person distribution. You have to go pick up your ticket at noon from Sanders Theatre the day of the event (Tuesday, February 28). It’s first-come, first-serve, so if you’re a true fan, you better be lining up early.

Once again, if you’re unlucky enough to have class, we’re not telling you how to live your life. But every person can pick up two tickets, so we hope you have a friend who likes you.

Lastly, this event is only for Harvard ID holders. So if you’re reading this from your MIT or Tufts dorm room, it’s too late. We don’t feel bad at all. But we do appreciate your page views.

Much Rihanna Love,


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