The Most Savage Q-Guide Comments, Spring 2018

By Lydia L. Cawley

Shopping period is underway. Cue the frantic anxiety and late-night emails to professors begging to be let into their class. It’s easy to get swept up in the hype of shopping week and end up choosing classes that you’ll regret later in the semester. To help you, Flyby presents its third semesterly “Most Savage Q-Guide Comments” so you know what classes to avoid. Don’t worry, there are some wholesome gems in here as well if you’re looking for a class to fill your fourth slot.

The Savage

SCILIVSY 17: Human Physiology: From Personal To Public Health

“You know why you’re taking it.”

“Do. not. take. this. Class.”

“DO NOT TAKE THIS” In case you missed it.

“This class is a flaming pile of garbage...My 6-year old cousin made a powerpoint on boa-constrictors for his kindergarten class last week. His slides were more aesthetically pleasing and better put together (less typos, for sure) than the lecture slides for this course, which consisted of google images shoddily copied and pasted in and Powerpoint’s basic default template. I nearly fell out of my chair when one of the Professors switched her slide background to blue (so bold).” Excerpted from a response which took up almost the entire page of reviews. Props to the reviewer for working in his 6-year old cousin and boa constructors in a review of a class on personal and public health!

Expos 20 Edition

Paradox in Public Health:

“I was under the impression that Expos is a good place to meet people, which it is. I was hoping to get to know girls through Expos, but my section was nearly all guys! So be wary of that when choosing your section topic. Apart from that, Expos is on-and-off in terms of weekly workload, and my preceptor was amazing and very helpful.” Looks like this student didn’t get their first choice of Femme Fatale.

Faking it to Make It:

“These aren't assignments you can do in one night to get an A.” Aren’t there enough memes about this already? The class is literally called Faking it to Make It. Procrastinating seems like a prereq.

Why Shakespeare?:

“We only had to read 2 plays (well, technically 4…)” Someone clearly isn’t going to be a math concentrator

“What is Wilson looking for? Nobody knows.” Big Mood

Wholesome Honorable Mention

HIST 1457: History of American Capitalism

"One of the most coherent and thoughtful courses I've taken at Harvard, Hist 1457 will help you understand how things economists take to be timeless and universal are contingent upon a set of peculiar and relatively recent historical events. The readings are excellent, Beckert is a teaching god, and the TFs are committed; if you're at all historically inclined, you'll come away with a rigorous background on the vast and complex system that has shaped this country and the world for several centuries. If you're an "ec bro," you may not enjoy it, but only because you won't get it."

And finally, the Supposedly Complimentary Comments Written By Self-Congratulatory Hardos to Undermine the Confidence of Q-Guide Browsers

SCILIVSY 19: Nutrition and Global Health

"Prepare to sit in long, passionless lectures where pseudo-intellectuals chime in just to make the learning process more painful." Written by a real intellectual.

“Tests aren’t as easy as they seem. Must study for at least one day.” If having to study for one day for a test is stand-out enough to make up an entire Q review, I’d like to take some study lessons from this master test-taker.

EC1010A: Intermediate Microeconomics

"A beginning to a serious economist career, and more generally, a successful and productive life." You know JP Morgan is just looking at your resume, not your Q-Guide comments, right?

EC10B: Principles of Economics

“I think Ec10 should be a required course for all Harvard students.”

“Everyone should know the basics of economics.”

“You have to take this course to be a knowledgeable citizen of the world.”

These comments just make it that much harder to convince your high school friends that not everyone at Harvard is elitist.

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