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Free Condoms at Sex Week
Flyby Blog

Harvard's War on Sex

Maybe the problem isn't that you just don't have game at all. Maybe Harvard is what's been keeping you a lonely virgin all along!

slightly slumped
Flyby Blog

How Bad Is Your Second Semester Slump?

It's that time of the semester...the slump is upon us. How bad is your slump?

Winthrop Gate
House Life

Winthrop House

As the most recently renovated House, Winthrop features large suites, a beautiful dining hall and many new amenities.

Mather Courtyard
House Life

Mather House

The majority of Harvard students may be lonely virgins, but everyone knows that Matherites have “more singles, more sex.”

river eve
Flyby Blog

What Freshmen Actually Mean When They Say They Have "Blocking Drama"

As Housing Day approaches, blocking groups are in the making, and tensions run high. Here's how to decode the intriguing phrase "blocking drama."

Datamatch Destination
Flyby Blog

How To: Have A Successful Datamatch Date

Datamatch is upon us, and that means one thing: It's time to get scheming. We're here to help you make the most of this Harvard tradition.

Belated Valentine's Day
Flyby Blog

Dropping Your Significant Other Before V-Day

Help, Valentine's Day is coming up and your fear of commitment is swallowing you alive once again! Not that we endorse such behavior, but here's how you can wriggle your way out of that relationship.

Shopping Week
Flyby Blog

Shopping Week Mistakes

Mistake #1: Looking for a "challenging" course.

Q Guide Evaluation
Flyby Blog

The Most Savage Q-Guide Comments, Spring 2018

It’s easy to get swept up in the hype of shopping week and end up choosing classes that you’ll regret later in the semester. To help you, Flyby presents its third semesterly “Most Savage Q-Guide Comments” so you know what classes to avoid.

Flyby Blog

Did Nothing for Months? Fake Your Winter Break

I adored spending quality time with my parents (when they promised to take me out to dinner).

Peep Bae

How to Find the Perfect Date Event Date

Dust off that Freshman Register.

Head of the Charles
Flyby Blog

Head of the Charles Roundup

Flyby recaps our experience at the Head of the Charles River.

Head of the Charles
On Campus

Why You Should Check Out Head of the Charles

Brace yourselves, Harvard, because the Head of the Charles Regatta is coming to campus. Get ready for your annual fix of Brooks Brothers gear, overpriced mac and cheese in bread bowls, and unnaturally tall people row, row, rowing their boats.


​The Diseases You’ll Get at Harvard

You're bound to come down with one of these illnesses during your time here.