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Choosing a College That Sparks Joy

One of the most important things my parents said to me during the college process was, “We want you to go where you will be happy.” This notion has stuck with me ever since, and meant a lot as someone who got into Harvard Early Action (humble brag?), but wasn’t sure that it was where I wanted to go.

Canvas Checklist for Harvard Professors

We’ve navigated many a Canvas course page in our day. And, let us tell you, some of them do not hit like others. If you’re a professor who wants a course page that slaps, especially now that everything has gone virtual, here’s what you need:

Housing Market 2020: Mather

In its 50th year, Mather House is teeming with House spirit, a welcoming community, and incredible tutors. Any freshman would be lucky to join this fun-loving house, not to mention have a single every year.

Open Letter to Freshmen: How to Prepare for Housing Day

Housing Day is one of the best days of the school year, period. But how exactly does Housing Day work? Presenting, an open letter to freshman in preparation for the day you've all been waiting for!