Dorm Room Decor: Pennypacker
Essentially, if you're considerate and clean, you will succeed, like these freshmen besties.
Now that you’re all settled in, you’re probably ready to tie the knot...on some friendship bracelets with your roomie. Careful — the honeymoon phase is deceptive...commit any of the following felonies, and you might find things going bitter-suite.

Not to alarm you…

but if one of you lets the alarm ring more than five times, instead of waking up, you’ll find yourself at your own wake.

Futons weren’t made to be used a fu-ton

We get it — sometimes you need the double (for academic purposes only, of course). But if you kick out your roommate every night so you can “study,” you’re more likely to get blocked than blocked with.

Get out of my hair!

Leave too much hair lying around on the floor and your freshman roomie bond might vanish into thin (h)air.

Some food for thought…

We all know that HUDS has some questionable menu items, like Red’s Best Fish (if this is their best fish, we don’t wanna see their worst fish), so you might be tempted to bring a Tupperware or two for that delicious salmon, but leave that Tupperware anywhere but in the fridge, please.

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue

"Borrow” something without asking? You might find yourself (black and) blue, and needing to find friends anew.