What Your Watch Says About You

You're probably on top of things if you don this watch.
You're probably on top of things if you don this watch. By Claire J. Hoffman

We’re Harvard students, so of course we’re chronically running late (RIP Harvard Time). Since being overcommitted is the norm around here, most of us wear a watch to keep ourselves in check (or just to look intelligent). Either way, what does your watch say about you?

Apple/Smart Watch

Apple watches are increasingly popular these days. They also let you discreetly read your texts in class, and who doesn’t love that? If this is your watch of choice, you probably like to stay on top of the tech trends, or you’re an athlete and like to know your heart rate at all times.

Analog Watch

A classic and elegant watch, this option is tried and true. It comes in a million different brands and colors. If this is your chosen chronometer, you probably like to play it safe and defer to a time-honored tradition.

Digital Sport Watch

These watches are very practical, if not the most stylish — the running shoe of watches if you will. If this is your go-to watch, you’re most likely a no-nonsense type who understands that function can trump fashion. What’s the point of wearing a watch if it’s not also waterproof and shockproof?

Chronograph Watch

This is the watch that has at least 3 dials and can give you the time, date, moon phase on some, and even act as as stopwatch. It can truly do it all. If this is your favorite watch, you’re probably a bit of an overachiever. You like to be able to do everything, and much like your watch, do it well with stunning accuracy.

Rolex/Any Other Really Expensive Watch

For some people, their watch is their investment. We get it: a watch can pull a whole look together. Also, who doesn’t love showing off a few thousand dollars on their wrist? If this is your preferred timepiece, you probably put a lot of effort into your appearance. You wouldn’t be caught dead in sweats unless they were say, Gucci, and even then it’d still be a maybe.

Next time you see someone wearing a watch, make note of what kind it is! After all, our watches say things about who we are.

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