Open Letter to Freshmen Asking Where the Igloo Is

By Keren E. Rohe

Dear Overly Excited Freshmen Who Are Out to Party,

First of all, the “Iceberg” actually does not exist; it is in fact the Igloo that you are looking for. We were all in your place not too long ago, so we get the struggle — Quad Houses can be confusing to navigate, especially the Pfoho basement. So if you approach an upperclassmen working on a pset in the dhall or walking around in their pajamas, they’ll (hopefully) try to give you the clearest directions possible, or may even walk you over to the Igloo (or Belltower, or Aquarium, or Treehouse, or wherever else you are trying to find).

A word of advice: please don’t bash the Quad as you’re walking through the halls of Pfoho, Cabot, or Currier, especially if you’re counting on the kindness of upperclassmen to help you navigate. This is our home, a place that we love and hope that you do too! It may come as a shock, but keep in mind that there are residents of the houses who actually hope to get some work done on a Friday night. Especially — and I cannot stress this enough — do not run past the libraries screaming that whoever is doing work on a weekend night is a loser, because you sound like a middle schooler. No joke. I have three midterms and a presentation next week. I don’t want to be in the library either, trust me.

However, we do want you to have a fun night! Belt out the lyrics of “Mr. Brightside” to your heart's content (just not in the halls). Jump from party to party to explore all of the spaces that the Quad has to offer! All we ask is that you be respectful to the residents around you — trying to do laundry on a Sunday morning only to find puke in the washing machine is not a pleasant way to start your day.

If you do eventually find your way to the Igloo (located in Holmes basement in Pfoho, btw), congratulations. Take a chance to look at the beautiful Quad Lawn before you dash off to your next location, and see you next weekend.

Best Wishes,

The Upperclassmen Getting Tea From the Dhall That You Pass On Your Way to the Igloo

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