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How to: Get the Perfect LinkedIn Headshot (At Home Edition)

Are you getting bored at home already and looking to work on your LinkedIn profile? Maybe it’s time to change your headshot from your high school yearbook photo or freshman year convocation shot to something a bit more updated.

Flyby Eats FlyBy for a Week

Join us at Flyby (the Blog of the Harvard Crimson) as we embark on the ultimate challenge: eating FlyBy (the thing under Berg) lunches and bagged dinners for an entire week. (Note: Do not try this at home.)

How to Actually Compost at Harvard

Maybe you see the signs around dhalls about leaving food on your tray to be properly sorted or maybe you’ve seen the occasional composting bin around your House that made composting cross your mind.

Which Harvard Ghosts Are Haunting You?

Sure, it’s ~spooky season~, but have you taken a chance to open your own closet and inspect the skeletons in there? There may be some real ghosts from your past following you around, so take a look at some of the most common ghosts around, and beware.