Quiz: Which Halloween Zoom Filter Are You?

By Michelle M. Ng

This Halloween is feeling pretty weird, and let's be honest — we definitely feel like doing the bare minimum. Work smarter, not harder! Just update your Zoom and take this quiz to figure out which Zoom filter you should use as your de facto costume this Halloween.

1. How excited are you for Spooky season?

A. I live for Halloween! *insert dancing pumpkin head*

B. Eh, October is whatev~

C. When is Christmas?

D. Yeah it’s cool, but tbh I am tired of pumpkin spiced things

2. What’s your worst nightmare?

A.The ghost of a young child haunting you

B. A creepy clown chasing you around Harvard Square

C. The Climate Crisis

D. “Please turn on your camera and mics”

3. What fall Starbucks drink are you most craving?

A. Pumpkin Spice *(。◕‿◕。)

B. Hot Chocolate ~ I can’t handle caffeine ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

C. Black Coffee ಠ_ಠ

D. Tea ~ I’m not like the others ~(˘▾˘~)

4. What Disney Halloween movie do you resonate the most with?

A. Hocus Pocus: true classics only

B. Twitches: twins fighting evil #loveit

C. Halloweentown: my hometown makes me stir crazy

D. Girl vs. Monsters: midterm season me battling all my chaotic habits

5. Which fall activity do you love?

A. Apple and Pumpkin picking ~ yes I may have posted a pic about it

B. Going hardcore at the Trader Joes pumpkin section: I’m talking cookies, bread, pie, waffles, and basically everything fall related that they have

C. Uh, I don’t have one — I have like 20 things due, ask me again during J-term :(

D. Watching the fall foliage

6. What’s your favorite Halloweekend activity?

A. Dressing up! ~ i have been planning this since last year

B. Trick or Treating, but I may be too old now

C. Snuggling up and doing a Horror movie marathon

D. Not remembering Halloweekend

The Results:

Mostly A’s: “The Sweet One” — Angel Halo/Crown/Flower Filters

Even over Zoom, your positive energy is infectious. Spread the spooky szn joy love by choosing a positive and radiant filter to represent your overall joyous aura.

Mostly B’s: “The Basic AF” — Animal Filters

You love the Halloween theme that’s going on, but you’re not a die hard Scream Queen Halloween isn’t that big of a deal to you, even less so online. So instead of going to your nearby Halloween store and buying that set of black cat years you always get, save yourself some money and use one of the free filters instead.

Mostly C’s: “The Burnout” — Try the Hat Options/Cool Glasses/Pirate

You're the definition of “hanging in there.” Sure Halloween is great, but your four psets and two essays are what’s really giving you nightmares. Try using one of the hat and face covering filters — it‘s low effort, incognito, and one less thing to worry about right now.

Mostly D’s: “The Graduate” — Graduation Cap Filter

You're probably an upperclassmen who’s done with Zoom Uni, or maybe just a freshman who knows what's up. This filter is the only option for you because tbh, you seem mentally done with school and most definitely done with 2020, and you’ve probably watched The Social Dilemma too many times. Use the graduation cap because you just want conv(a)cation.

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