How to: Dress for Your Zoom Class

By Alana M Steinberg

September usually brings about the start of a new school year and with it a new wardrobe; but this year, most of us haven’t really needed to go back-to-school shopping, since, well, we’re not back to school. Seeing as you may have forgotten how to get dressed over quarantine (what are jeans, anyway?), Flyby is here to help you out with all of your Zoom lecture outfit needs.

Business in the Front, Party in the Back

Or should we say business on the top party on the bottom? Whatever you want to call it, this has been a quarantine classic since the explosion of “Tiger King” and your banana bread making phase. We’ve all mastered the art of making ourselves presentable from the waist up while wearing those stained and/or ripped sweatpants that you really should have thrown out by now. Ah, the wonders of Zoom.

Business in the Front, Nothing in the Back…

Some days, the effort required to just put on pants (even sweats) is just too much. So this is for those days, or those times when you swore you had enough time to get a shower in before your 11:15 a.m. Zoom check in with your math TF but when the time finally came, you just hadn’t made it to putting on pants (admit it, you’ve been there). There is something liberating about taking a call pantless. It’s not like they’ll ever know, right?

Pajamas: A Multi-purpose Look

There is no shame in waking up five minutes before your Zoom call — it happens to the best of us. Sometimes, time simply won’t permit going for our previous looks of semi-professional on the top. Luckily for us, oversized vintage t-shirts (which you may or may not have slept in the night before) are in, right? So, maybe consider investing in some high quality PJ sets this year instead of your usual attire (after all, it’s all about the #self-care).

The “I Actually Got Dressed Today”

Okay, so we’ve all read the articles about how sticking to a schedule and getting dressed every day during quarantine helps people live as normal of a life as possible and keeps them relatively sane. Long story short, they all include some form of “put on real clothes!!!” (and no, sweatpants don’t count). So, if you want to go the extra mile and budget in enough time for a real outfit before your 9 a.m. Zoom lecture, it might just help increase your productivity. Plus, you have to admire that one guy who shows up to Zoom class everyday wearing a suit.

So, while Zoom classes may not be ideal, the fashion choices it makes available to us might well be. Try out the “real clothing” look if you want to try and get your virtual life together, or enjoy your last few months (hopefully) of showing up to class pantless and/or in your most comfortable sweatshirt (no judgement here).

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