Recreating Harvard Classes from Home

By Margot E. Shang

It’s commonly heard among Harvard’s students that outside of the classroom activities and experiences truly make their time at Harvard unique. While that is mostly true, Flyby hopes to give you some tools for recreating Harvard classroom vibes from the comfort of your bedroom, backyard, or wherever you may be. So go grab your take on a Veritaffle from your kitchen-turned-Annenberg, and follow along these steps to transform a day in quarantine into an ~academic~ experience.

Join in on one of the classics, aka CS50.

Still learning the Harvard acronyms? Don’t worry, we are too. If you want to get a taste of being a first year at the college, then you’ll definitely want to sit in on one of these “classic” courses. Can’t follow along? Don’t worry, most of us can’t either. Don’t want to follow on the conventional first-year path of EC10 and the like? Then sift through the course catalog offered on my.harvard and find your own assortment of classes that pique your “Intended Concentration: Undecided” curiosity.

Ted Talk it Out with a Professor.

Want to attempt to wrap your head around some of the world’s most challenging problems or philosophical dilemmas? Ever wanted to be able to discuss some new scientific discovery at the dinner table with family? Then do a quick google search for “Harvard professors give Ted Talk” and let your mind grow in wisdom.

Read (Skim) Through a Book.

Become a professional Harvard student and grab that “required” reading off the bookshelf and see how fast you could skim through only the assigned pages. We promise this will be a skill necessary for the years to come. No need to thank us yet. Maybe even open an image of the Loker Reading Room in Widener to feel like a real, studious Harvard student.

Virtual Tour of Academic Sites.

Get excited for the beautiful buildings and classrooms in which you will begin your career as a Harvard student. Though we all find ourselves physically distant from school in quarantine, Harvard’s beautiful campus is only a click away on Google Images. We highly recommend you check out Sanders Theatre (for all those EC10 and CS50 learners), Widener Library (for those nights when you just can’t stand noise), and the Smith Center (for the best natural light on campus) for starters.

Ask Around!

Though my.harvard and Google searches are great places for finding the best professors and courses offered, we truly believe that the best resources are fellow Harvard students. Don’t hesitate to ask around for the best class recommendations or the hidden study spots on campus. We can’t wait to meet you soon!

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