Housing Market 2020: Quincy

If you’re in Quincy, there’s no need to schedule lunches eight months in advance or worry that you’ll never again be able to stare across the dhall at your crush who got Quadded. With a game room in its lobby, a retro-style Grille, an ideal central location, and a sunlit dhall that welcomes all, you’ll always find someone you know hanging out at “The People’s House.”

Housing Market 2020: Lowell

Amongst the undecipherable chit chat filling Annenberg, it’s quite common to hear first-years expressing their wish to be placed in Lowell House. Oh, what a dream it would be to spend the next three years living in college housing that resembles a hotel.

Housing Market 2020: Eliot

If you’re fortunate enough to hear people chanting “E-L-I-O-T, you just won the lottery!” as they approach your door on the morning of Housing Day, you’ll be a part of the lucky group to be welcomed into this warm and buzzing House.

Housing Market 2020: Kirkland

Though small in size, Kirkland is overflowing with spirit, puppies, and an overall sense of community! When you join K-House, quirky and spirited events like Secret Santa Week and Kirkland Drama Society productions are just the beginning to your charming new life by the River.

Housing Market 2020: Winthrop

Whether it be the lack of hallway doubles, the abundance of luxurious amenities, or the consistent social events, Winthrop has all that you can ask for and more. The warm, welcoming community Winthrop fosters will instantly create a home away from home. Winthrop House truly has it all.

Housing Market 2020: Leverett

Boasting a large, tight-knit community and surprisingly spacious rooms, Leverett’s reputation as a great house on campus is no secret. Looking for community and great architecture? Then look no further than the Bunny Court itself!

Housing Market 2020: Mather

In its 50th year, Mather House is teeming with House spirit, a welcoming community, and incredible tutors. Any freshman would be lucky to join this fun-loving house, not to mention have a single every year.

Housing Market 2020: Dunster

If you love late nights at the grille, roasting goats (technically a petting zoo now!), and morning runs along the Charles (yay fitness!), then there’s no question that you would love this iconic house on the river.

Housing Market 2020: Currier

With a vibrant community, a variety of social and study spaces, and the offer of a refuge away from the prying tourists of Harvard Square, it’s an understatement to say Currier will not let you down.

Housing Market 2020: Cabot

From spacious singles to designated party spaces (i.e. the Aquarium) to Cabot Cafe, Cabotians love the physical spaces in their House. But any Cabotian will tell you the House’s real selling point is their tight knit community and inviting atmosphere that never fails to make you feel at home.

Flyby Eats FlyBy for a Week

Join us at Flyby (the Blog of the Harvard Crimson) as we embark on the ultimate challenge: eating FlyBy (the thing under Berg) lunches and bagged dinners for an entire week. (Note: Do not try this at home.)

“Stress with Answers:" Gina Kennedy and Navigating Pressure in Elite Squash

Senior squash co-captain Gina Kennedy commands one of the most demanding schedules on campus between training, school, and matches. In such an individual sport, the veteran star talks performance, teamwork, and the future.

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