How to: Recreate Lamont

By Jamila R. O'Hara

Of all the things we’ll miss the most this semester, Lamont definitely makes the top of the list. Who wouldn’t miss those late night study sessions-turned-hangouts-turned-all-nighters? Do you consider yourself a Lamonster? Are you craving those delectable, one of a kind LamCaf snacks and drinks? C’mon, we know you do. But even though Lamont might be hundreds or thousands of miles away, we’ve found some ways to recreate that unique ~ambiance~ at home.

— For the times when your taste buds are feeling a bit nostalgic, try to recreate the delicious tastes of LamCaf. We know that java chip drink isn’t actually coffee, but who cares? Make it and show off that hand-crafted drink to your Zoom section :)

— If you’re feeling like a chef, recreate one of those delicious vending machine snacks that only seem to exist in LamCaf (for real though, why do some snacks ONLY exist in Lamont and not CGIS?). Want a salty, yet sweet snack? Try making yogurt covered pretzels, or if you’re too busy finishing up that assignment or are stuck in Zoom meetings for days, order them online (that’s probably what we’ll do).

— Though Lamont might be a library, the noises of Lamont would say otherwise. Miss finishing up that last minute paper amid people talking (yelling?) in the nooks of Lamont? Background noise comes in many forms, so check out this background music from the mindfulness genre (hopefully this three hour clip will be enough time to finish your CS50 pset!).

— 24/7. Save your work for the last minute just like you did when you knew you could always head over to Lamont. Just kidding.

— Recreate your LamCaf table by setting up a virtual one! For real. Send out a Zoom invite to all of your Lamont friends, bring some snacks and drinks, and study or talk until the wee hours of the morning (or until your computer runs out of charge or the 45 minutes of Zoom expire).

Though recreating Lamont might not be exactly the same as Lamont itself, these tips and tricks will definitely help on those nights when you really do miss it. And if you’re really missing it a bit too much, print out a picture of Lamont and paste it on top of your desk for ~inspiration~. We’ll also probably be doing that too.

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