Flyby’s Past Datamatch Experiences

By Sami E. Turner

After a week of anticipation and emails, the algorithm has spoken and your Datamatch results are out. But what’s next, you may be wondering? What’s this about free food, you say? (If there’s any way to catch a Harvard student’s attention, it’s always free food.) Whether it be your first time doing Datamatch or you just want to read about other people’s experiences, we’ve compiled a list of past Datamatch matches from our writers to help you figure out what to do with your top matches!

Writer 1: I put my preferences to love and friendship, but ending up getting no love matches. The universe was really speaking to me at that moment. I went on a date with my top friendship match, not expecting much, but we’re now great friends and I love her. You might not meet the love of your life through Datamatch, but you can definitely meet someone you can drink *spicy juice* with on a Saturday night.

Writer 2: My top match last year was a friendship match with someone I had met earlier on in the year through another mutual friend. As college students, we obviously decided to capitalize on this opportunity and we got to mathing: which free food deal was the most bang-for-buck? Ultimately, we decided to go to Playa Bowl, because who doesn’t love a delicious acai bowl that kind of tastes like ice cream? The serving ended up being way smaller than we had imagined, but it was still very cute. We talked while we ate and got to know each other a little better. Alas, not much came out of the friendship match, but free food is still always a win. #staywinning

Writer 3: I matched with my roommate during Meet26. We’re in a suite of five and don’t talk much in general, so we both refused to mention it for three weeks before we finally acknowledged it. We grabbed Sunday Sundaes together after, though!

Writer 4: My top match was someone I vaguely knew from freshman year but hadn’t really seen since. Didn’t get free food since we didn’t go on a date but my friends and I still regularly reference it for fun. There’s nothing like a good stalking session with all of your friends while figuring out what you know about each other’s matches.

Writer 5: My friend got matched with someone she knew pretty well. Neither of them had any interest in going on the date, so she easily convinced him to let us use the free food voucher instead. It was a cute Galentine's moment, and our girls date is one of my favorite memories I’ve made. Ovaries before brovaries!

Writer 6: I got nine friend matches and one love match, who had no picture, bio, or prompt responses, AND they lived in the Quad.

And there you have it: real, lived experiences from your favorite student life writers. We hope that we provided some insight into what to expect for your Datamatch results, but at the same time, just have fun with it! It’s all fun and games, unless… ;)

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