Harvard Square Restaurants Tentatively Prepare to Reopen Indoor Dining

Even as Massachusetts allows restaurants to open indoor dining, many Harvard Square restaurant owners said they are hesitant to welcome customers back indoors, instead leaning on outdoor seating and takeout and delivery service.

City Council Votes to Pause Hiring of Vacant Jobs in Cambridge Police Department

The Cambridge City Council voted Monday to temporarily pause the hiring of vacant positions in the Cambridge Police Department and begin filling positions in the Housing Liaison Office, Community Development Department, and Central Square Library.

In Marathon Meetings, City Council and Cambridge Residents Deliberate Over Funding for the Cambridge Police Department

After nearly five hours of public comments from Cambridge residents, discussion over the budget for the Cambridge Police Department — framed by a national debate over police brutality — became heated Wednesday when the City Council heard testimony from Police Commissioner Branville G. Bard, Jr.

Kennedy, Markey Clash Over Progressive Credentials in Third U.S. Senate Debate

In a debate that marked a shift in a sometimes somnolent campaign, Kennedy and Markey sparred over their respective records and progressive credentials. The normally mild-mannered Markey went after his youthful opponent from the opening bell, accusing him at one point of being “a progressive in name only.”

Harvard Awards Grants to 27 Local Allston-Brighton Nonprofits

Harvard has awarded emergency response grants to 27 Allston-Brighton nonprofit organizations to help tackle pressing needs amplified by the coronavirus pandemic through a new grant program, the University announced last week.

Presence of Harvard Police at Police Brutality Protest Reignites Student Calls for Abolition of HUPD

Students renewed their calls for the abolition of the Harvard University Police Department after HUPD officers were seen monitoring a demonstration held in Boston on Tuesday over the murder of George Floyd, a black man, by Minneapolis police.

Cambridge Officials Hold Virtual Vigil for George Floyd

City of Cambridge officials held a virtual vigil Monday evening in memory of George Floyd, a black man murdered by a white Minneapolis police officer last week.

Kennedy, Markey Reveal Few Policy Differences at First Debate in Months

Eight months after United States Representative Joseph P. Kennedy III (D-Mass.) announced he was running for the U.S. Senate, he and incumbent U.S. Senator Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.) still can’t find much to disagree about.

Cambridge Health Alliance to Open City Testing Center

The Cambridge Health Alliance is set to launch a testing center that will be free to all city residents above the age of 7 on Friday.

Cambridge Police Superintendent Apologizes for Profane Weekend Tweet

Cambridge Police Superintendent Jack Albert apologized on Monday evening for sending an inadvertent message on the department’s Twitter account which called Representative Joseph P. Kennedy III (D-Mass.) a “jerk” and U.S. Senator Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.) a “clown.”

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