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Senator Marco Rubio Urges Small Business Administration to Re-Examine Grant Policies in Wake of Lieber Arrest

In the wake of Harvard Chemistry department chair Charles M. Lieber’s arrest, United States Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) urged the U.S. Small Business Association in February to ensure recipients of its grant programs do not have connections to governments such as China.

Harvard Professor Lieber's Arrest Part of Ongoing Crackdown on Academic Espionage, Experts Say

Lieber’s arrest marked merely the latest development in an ongoing crackdown by the United States government and American universities on “academic espionage,” the process by which scientists pass academic research at American universities to foreign governments.

Harvard Medical School Requests Retractions for Former Professor’s Research

The professor, Piero Anversa, left the Medical School in December 2015 after investigations into the integrity of his research.

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