Magnetize your Summer with Easy to Apply Glamnetic Lashes

Thanks to Glamnetic, there is now a magnetic solution to the universal struggle of applying false eyelashes, or “falsies”. This start-up has rocked the beauty industry, becoming a multi-million dollar success story in just one year.

It's more than just skin-deep: Feel and look amazing with Bubble Skincare

In a world where young people are constantly bombarded with unrealistic expectations, information overload, and knowledge of the world’s issues, it is a stressful time for teens and young adults to grow up. Furthermore, as their skin begins to change, they are met with a skincare industry that is often confusing, misinforming, and overwhelming. Upon realizing that this industry did not have a high quality, accessible, and affordable option for teens and young people, Bubble Skincare sought to change this by creating a brand that would focus not only on helping people take care of their skin, but also making sure that people are empowered to take care of their mental health.

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