Sports Parting Shots

Finding the Meaning of Sports: Parting Shot

As I leave the ranks of Crimson Sports, that is my final request: To athletes, be more than just athletes. To fans, view athletes as more than just athletes. And never just shut up and dribble.

The Conclusion of a Controversy-Riddled Tenure: Parting Shot

Every article which the Sports Board produces has an overarching question, a reason for putting the pen to paper and dedicating that precious time which might otherwise be spent in Kong eating crab rangoons.

Being a Part of Something: Parting Shot

Whether The Crimson is part of your Harvard experience or not, I urge you to be part of something. It’ll give you so much to be thankful for.

Parting Shot: Jack Stockless

But contributing to the record of Harvard athletics and making memories with the small (yet fearsome) band of fellow sportswriters at 14P has given me some great stories of my own to tell. And I will continue to tell them for years to come.

Keep Calm and Write On: Parting Shot

"It is clear that work still needs to be done to make sports more inclusive. My time on the Sports Board has provided proof, albeit on a smaller scale, that it is possible for the industry to be inclusive and for women to play an active and meaningful role in it."

Why Sports?: Parting Shot

"What I will remember most about my time with the Sports Board is not how many stories I wrote or the success of the teams that I covered but rather the friendships that I formed and the experiences that I had over the past four years."

Resignation Letter of the Brain Trust: Parting Shot

"Watching sports taught me to cherish greatness, but working for the Sports Board taught me what greatness really means."

For the Record: Parting Shot

"Fifty years from now, the only semblance of a narrative for an insignificant basketball game might be the words I put to paper at 14p."

The Subtle Influences of Sport

For such an athlete-heavy student population, athletics is a small part of Harvard’s culture

Texas Forever, Cambridge Style

I decided that wherever I ended up, I would try to go to as many football games as possible.

How To College Right: Notes for My Olympic Sister

My Crimson experience was inseparably intertwined with my sister’s rise to the top of her sport. As I watched her smash world records and rack up wins, she not only inspired me as her number one fan but also placed in perspective the stories I’ve had the chance to tell in these pages.

Parting Shot: My Failure as a Varsity Athlete

​Immediately after our last college finals ended, while camping in the woods, my Senior Outdoor Reflection Trip [SORT] of 11 people sat around in a circle, each person reflecting on their time at Harvard. By the time it got to me, it was pouring rain and pitch-black outside, but still, everyone turned to listen to my deep, thoughtful ruminations on the last four years.

Parting Shot: The Owen Room in Winthrop G

​Since I can remember I’ve argued with my friends about sports.

Parting Shot: Seeking Journalism's Empty Spaces

​I’ve gotten used to the sounds of a newsroom. The clicking of a dozen keyboards and the quick, clipped footsteps of writers on deadlines. But this was, necessarily, quite different.

Parting Shot: The Losses That Matter

March 30, 2011, was a dreary day in Winston-Salem, N.C.—cold, gray, and wet—but that didn’t stop me from getting to BB&T Ballpark early. The Class-A Winston-Salem Dash were hosting the Chicago White Sox, and I was in desperate need of a distraction.

Parting Shot: The Unremarkable Remarkable

I hadn’t known it at the time, but that two-foot putt on the 18th green had marked one of the most special moments of my time at Harvard: It signified the end of my collegiate golf career.

The End of the Race: One Final Recap

So as I prepare to leave the Harvard bubble and enter the real world, I’ll take both the large and small memories with me. The late-night study sessions and the parties, the basketball games and the Sports Board meetings, and all of the hilarious, miserable, debaucherous, and unforgettable moments in between.

The Reason I Wrote

Often times, things turn out exactly as planned. But sometimes, the unexpected or, to paraphrase Vin Scully, the impossible happens. The hero becomes the goat, or the goat the hero; the heavily-favored defending champion allows 29 unanswered points in the fourth quarter and, inexplicably, loses.

Finding Something We Can Believe In

What would you put on your bucket list if you found out you only had a few months left to live? It’s a question people love to speculate about, but I don’t think you could possibly know the answer until you are actually faced with your own mortality.

Fairy Tale Ending to Writer's Career

Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Scott.

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