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  • Fryer, a rising star at Harvard and in the field of economics writ large, is the subject of at least two Title IX complaints, according to two of the individuals who filed the complaints.
  • The Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination, a state body charged with enforcing anti-discrimination laws, is also separately investigating Fryer.
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  • Kathryn “Kat” A. Taylor ’80 resigned her post Tuesday in protest of what she called Harvard’s “failure” to “adopt ethical commitments” when investing its $37.1 billion endowment.
  • Taylor specifically raised concerns about the University's stance toward fossil fuel investments.
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  • The Class of 2018's rating marking a rise from Khurana's historically low approval rating of 42 percent last year.
  • Khurana has largely become the face of the College’s controversial social group policy, and his approval ratings are higher among surveyed students who are not members of single-gender social groups.
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  • Harvard University Police Department arrested two College students on charges of breaking and entering, drug possession, and trespassing last week, according to public police filings.
  • The undergraduates broke into the Lowell House construction site, per a public HUPD log filed May 14.
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  • The historically all-male Harvard Glee Club has opened its membership to students of all genders, Glee Club President Connor A. Horton ’18 announced last week.
  • Horton said the Glee Club made the decision to go co-ed after consulting with the historically female Radcliffe Choral Society, which also decided to make its membership gender neutral in April.
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