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  • Harvard’s Undergraduate Council voted to pass a statement at its meeting Sunday in support of immigration advocacy group Act on a Dream’s concerns about The Harvard Crimson’s news policies and made recommendations to make reporting policies more transparent.
  • The statement, passed 15-13-4, comes after The Crimson covered Act on a Dream’s “Abolish ICE” protest in September. After the protest, Crimson reporters contacted a United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokesperson for comment. More than 900 people and several student groups have since signed an Act on a Dream petition condemning The Crimson’s decision to reach out for comment.
  • Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Claudine Gay will soon launch a nationwide search for Harvard Athletics Director Robert L. Scalise’s successor, she said in an interview Wednesday.
  • Scalise, who has served in his position for 18 years, announced in October that he would retire at the end of the academic year.
  • The Committee on Student Life voted to approve 45 and reject 11 new student organizations at its monthly meeting Thursday.
  • Of the 58 total organizations applying for recognition, 44 were unanimously approved by both the staff committee and the UC Rules Committee, four were unanimously rejected, and 10 were contested by the two bodies. At the meeting Thursday, the CSL debated the 10 contested student groups, ultimately voting to approve one, reject seven, and delay two for a final vote in December.
  • Former Keezer's Classic Clothing owner Leonard I. “Len” Goldstein died Oct. 22 at the age of 67, after devoting nearly four decades of his life to offering elegant suits and ties to countless Harvard students and Cambridge residents.
  • Keezer’s Classic Clothing was a hallmark of Harvard Square for nearly 70 years and offered formal wear at affordable prices from its location on Massachusetts Ave. Goldstein’s death, from gastrointestinal cancer, marks the end of a life that employees and customers say was devoted to making beautiful clothing accessible to all.
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