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Lawyers of Harvard Lawsuits

By William Y. Yao
Harvard Lawyers

Lawyers of Harvard Lawsuits

  • Admissions Lawsuit

    > Ara B. Gershengorn, Willam F. Lee, Seth P. Waxman, Debo P. Adegbile, Brittany Amadi, Danielle Conley, Andrew S. Dulberg, Sarah R. Frazier, Elizabeth C. Mooney, Joseph J. Mueller, Daniel Winik, Paul R.Q. Wolfson, Felicia Ellsworth

  • Law Review Lawsuit

    > Felicia Ellsworth

  • Kimberly Theidon’s Tenure Case

    > Jennifer Ann Kirby, Martin F Murphy, Michael P Boudett, Samuel C. Bauer, Lyndsey M. Kruzer

  • Photographs of Slaves

    > Maria T. Davis, Victoria L. Steinberg, Anton Metlitsky, Jennifer B Sokoler, Apalla U. Chopra

  • Wrongful Death of College Student Luke Tang

    > Martin F. Murphy, Rachel C. K. Hutchinson, Madeleine Rodriguez

  • Title IX Lawsuit (Off-Campus Sexual Assault)

    > Victoria L. Steinberg, Daniel J. Cloherty, Alycia M. Kennedy

  • Title IX Lawsuit (Discrimination in Investigation of Sexual Assault)

    > Joseph M. Cacace, Bradley N. Garcia, Apalla U. Chopra, Patrick D. McKegney, Victoria L. Steinberg

  • Title IX Lawsuit (Discrimination Against Transgender Applicant)

    > Victoria L. Steinberg, Saraa Basaria

  • Bartley’s Burger Cottage ADA Lawsuit

    > Margaret C. LePage

  • Federal Lawsuit Brought by Single-Gender Social Groups

    > Joshua J. Bone, Edwina B. Clarke, Roberto M. Braceras, William M. Jay

  • State Lawsuit Brought by Single-Gender Social Groups

    > Joshua J. Bone, Edwina B. Clarke, Roberto M. Braceras, William M. Jay

  • ADA Lawsuit Brought by the National Association for the Deaf

    > Roberto M. Braceras, William M. Jay, Janet Grumer, Stephen M. Hopelinger, Jeffrey R. Johnson, Andrew Kim, Timothy Kistner, Jennifer B. Luz, Christopher M. Morrison, Robert A. Naeve

  • Employment Discrimination, Retaliation Suit brought by Melissa Defay

    > Alexandra Pichette, Robert P. Joy

  • Employment Discrimination Lawsuit Brought by Janice Berte

    > Andrea Zoia

  • Employment Discrimination Lawsuit Brought by Adelbo Awogboro

    > Robert P. Joy, Allison Cherundolo

  • Employment Discrimination Lawsuit Brought by Maria Regan

    > Robert P. Joy, Andrea Zoia

  • Defamation Lawsuit Brought by Andre Bisasor

    > Stephen D. Coppolo, William P. Mekrut, John P. Coakley

  • Negligence Lawsuit Brought by Denis Moran

    > Stephen D. Coppolo, Richard J. Riley, William P. Mekrut

  • Negligence Lawsuit Brought by College Athlete

    > M. Matthew Madden, Jr., Richard J. Shea

  • Motor Vehicle Negligence Lawsuit

    > Gabriel Gladstone, Gregory A. Manousos

  • Labor Lawsuit Brought by Interval Data Systems

    > Joseph J. Laferra , Laura M. Moisin

  • Labor Lawsuit Brought by Superior Rail and Iron Works

    > Raymond C. Pelote

  • Labor Lawsuit Brought by Lighthouse Electrical Contracting


  • Contract Action Brought by Sack Family Fund

    > Stephen D. Coppolo, Richard J. Riley

  • Fraud, Business Torts Lawsuit Brought by Classic Restaurant Concepts

    > Stephen D. Coppolo, Richard J. Riley, Melissa S. Arnold

  • Intellectual Property Lawsuit Brought by 10X Genomics

    > William D. Belanger, Megan Bigelow, Maia H. Harris

  • Injunction in Wrongful Termination Lawsuit Brought by Niccolo Finotto


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