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A Revitalized 'Death'

A RTHUR MILLER'S DEATH OF A SALESMAN evokes the same sort of feelings as the stinking down-and-out crazies in a

Get Punched

I F QUENTIN CRISP and Donald Carroll had lived in the 14th century, they might have practiced alchemy. As 20th

Valley of the Shadow

T HERE'S lots of jumping around in Godspell --lots of energy and exuberance. As the show builds up momentum, the

A Portrait of the Art Student

In Munich, artists go to the Cafe Grossenvahn. So do the musicians, poets, actors, homosexuals, and foreigners. The regulars all

A Malapropism

A LONG TIME AGO , when Moliere first tried to produce Tartuffe , censors threatened to squeeze all the genius

Fluffy But Filling

S TEPHEN SONDHEIM is the El Cid of the musical theater. He oversteps bounds, and the audience excuses him because

Unworldly Knowledge

I N THE OPENING SCENE of Doctor Faustus, John Faustus boldly adopts a course that will allow him to live

Mamet's Minimums

M INIMALISM is the reduction to the essential. In theatre, the minimalist sifts through the rubbish heap of human existence,

High Liebling

A S A RECENT food critic himself for The New York Times, it is exactly fitting that Ray Sokolov '63